Saturday, September 30, 2017

Whiskey Bouquet

The benefits of sleep - though much touted - are as frequently ignored.  For those of us who obsessively feel the necessity to keep busy, to do things, sleep is more often regarded disdainfully as something to which we succumb rather than something to cultivate as a healthful habit.

This morning I rose from the lair after nine o'clock which is singular for two reasons; first because it was later than normal by at least an hour; and second because I had gone to bed relatively early last evening.  Then late this afternoon as a further complement to my extension I "listened to my inner voice" and dove onto the green leather couch for an hour's blissful snooze.  Unquestionably I am profiting from the rest.  The afternoon nap in particular has given me a palpable boost.  Earlier this summer I was napping regularly and I invariably remarked afterwards how improved I felt.  But lately I have ignored the inclination, preferring instead to drink coffee and putter at my computer, nurturing my existential commitment before the lights go out forever.

Shortly after I broke from my nap this evening, while I was still fluffing the cushions, folding the throw and patting my dishevelled hair, there was a tap at our apartment door.  The knock had been heralded by a bark recognizable as that of a dog named Larry belonging to one of our neighbours.  I therefore assumed the visitor was that neighbour. It turns out however that the visitor was another resident in the building.  He came to consummate our parking arrangement for the winter during our absence.  After a brief exchange at the door we invited him for a drink. He accepted the offer.

When we asked the gentleman what he fancied to drink - and listed the various contents of our liquor cabinet - he settled upon a single malt whiskey Glen Garioch [1797 Founder's Reserve].  I subsequently shared with our guest that while I also at one time drank Scotch whiskey I generally preferred the blended whiskies for their more full-bodied flavour. I poured the whiskey into his crystal tumbler and the bouquet was delightful. It filled the room with that erstwhile indelible smell!  The trace of whiskey imparted to the atmosphere was especially welcome today as it is the first time in weeks that the weather has changed from summer to autumn.  This morning I had gone for my constitutional bicycle ride along Country Street in the blazing sunshine but wearing both a sweater and a shell. I recall observing that the exercise seemed less strenuous than usual, no doubt because the temperature had fallen from 25℃ to a mere 12℃.  The cool air continued to enliven the aroma of the whiskey and put me in mind of happy memories.

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