Sunday, September 23, 2018


Neither of us had much ambition today.  A lingering cold and hearing problem, respectively, continue to consume us. We nonetheless felt obliged to motor about the countryside even if only briefly.  Our initial target was the hamlet of Spencerville.  This altered to Prescott along the St. Lawrence Seaway where we're more familiar with Katarina's Café.  But on our way to the car wash in Stittsville we exhausted what little enthusiasm lingered and decided instead to pick up some chicken and baby potatoes for dinner - the traditional "meat and potatoes" salve. It wasn't long after having formulated that relieving plan that I determined as well to go to Grace in the Kitchen to examine their sweets (all deliciously sinful).

My personal favourite is Nanaimo bars (an elevation of my vulgar appreciation of Carnation condensed milk). There are also far more exotic goodies such as cheese cake, lemon tarts and chocolate mousse.  We got some of them all.  And just in case we had overlooked anything we afterwards detoured into Equator Coffee to check their selection of prizes - specifically Fulton's maple butter tarts! Oh my, there is no disguising this adventure!

To mollify myself I rely upon the reputed theory that sugar is a drug; and that one mustn't attempt to wean oneself off without care. On September 1st we had announced our resolve to escape from the damaging effects of sweets, bread and pasta (following our last interlude). We broke that mould this evening - and without a moment's regret! In an instant I recaptured a sense of well-being I hadn't felt for weeks!

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