Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Murky Day

We're caught in a fog. Behind the soupy map the yellow orb blazes. I count the hours awaiting the evidence of change, the details of compliance.  I have no patience. But I have done all that is possible to complete the transactions (perhaps even more than I should have done). For now my preoccupation is in abeyance. I won't pretend to disregard what is anticipated! But for the moment at least I shall put down the trowel.

The internet and cable connections were out for the past twelve hours. Comcast Corporation (which by the way is one of the largest global telecommunications conglomerates in the world) is having to deal with the degeneration of its aging equipment. Being without internet service is akin to eating without teeth, frustrating to an Olympic degree. One is soon reminded how attached we've become to the immediacy of on-line information. Communication indeed!  Small wonder I resent being told by bureaucrats that they cannot accept information by email! Or declining to permit a PDF in lieu of a signed document! These archaic prejudices have very little if any foundation in reason. I will never understand why a facsimile is more probative than a PDF; they're both copies, both electronically transferred. Any arcane threat of encryption failure is largely overkill considering the public irrelevance of most information being transmitted.

There was nothing further to do but wait. The customary agenda fell into place. Breakfast of ham and eggs.  And a sliced green apple. In and out of the shower then onto the bike. The outing was affecting as always, into a slight headwind from the north which meant a more relaxed ride back. No intelligence to report from the ritual WiFi stop at Bayfront Park. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

This evening is the inaugural installation of the new municipal council back home. The bipartisan nature of politics - broadly between the right and the left, liberal and conservative, merchants and developers, locals and newbies, redneck and artsy/fartsy - is growing at every level of government, municipal, provincial and federal.  Even internationally. Though there are those who seek to promote civility among opposing residents the human instinct for Schadenfreude will no doubt endure as the winners gleefully relive their victory over the losers. Elections are a fitful method to restore cooperation, being instead housekeeping on a murderous scale. Thus the pendulum swings until the murky evolution commands clarification.

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