Wednesday, January 24, 2018

What was your first clue?

One hates to be reminded of the obvious! The intelligence not only insults one's perspicacity but reinforces with irony what we already knew to be the case. The indignity approaches being struck in the face with a wet fish!  The corollary to this emotional assault is invariably the more palpable repercussion of failure on a certain level.  The satirical enquiry, "What was your first clue?" is but a prelude to an assertion of defeat on at least one front. Sadly it is our arrogance and misguided deductive reasoning which prolongs the inevitable result of these crushing preliminaries. Truth is in the end a blunt matter and no end of dalliance in its absorption will preserve us from its point.

It is not uncommon to obfuscate the thrust of one's initial unhappy impressions and reflections by balancing the disappointment with a rosier complexion. But the beneficence amounts to flowers at a funeral - nice, but too late to be any good for the matter at hand. The failure to respond at the outset to the indicia afforded means only that we delay what is to come.  What's bred in the bone with out in the flesh, so to speak! The wryness of the proceedings rapidly descends into self-recrimination.  In these circumstances there is no one to blame but oneself (even though the temptation to do otherwise is powerful). It is not however excusable to blame others for the failure to act upon one's own potent perceptions.  We're not automatons; we're a function of external input not merely mechanical predetermined codes.

The relieving feature of this inadequacy - like any other frustration - is our capacity to surpass the blunder and redirect our motion accordingly. As trite as it is to dwell upon humanity's frailty it is correspondingly original to advance our advantage.  Man (and woman of course) is an astonishingly malleable subject. There is no need to remain intransigent or inert in the face of contradiction.  Better to crawl!  And having thus confessed the shortcoming we are at liberty to resume the preferable mandate to relish life.

In spite of the winning force of thought, there is likewise strength in the unthinking submission to life.  What irrelevantly transpires about us, what occurs without necessary connection to our sometimes hapless being, is no less pithy. It too warrants attention.  Otherwise we risk allowing the serendipitous pleasures of life to slip through our fingers undetected.  It is a reminder that the pressing concerns of life mustn't be permitted to overshadow what is beyond our design or anticipation.  Very often the uncertain discoveries of life are the very meat of our existence.

When indulging oneself in the rewards of life there is sometimes the urge not only to go up to the trough but further to get into it.  Greedy, greedy, greedy!  We owe to ourselves to restrain the desire to consume everything in sight! It is after all a mere appetite. Fulfilling our objectives is as much a question of formed opinion as any other undertaking. I am not here insisting upon a calculated agenda by which to conduct one's affairs but at least due consideration of the diet of experience. Attributing significance to everything that happens is not entirely without substance. Merely discerning the fabric of life's treasures can go a long way to improving our overall dynamic.  As frequently happens the stimulation of change or progress is utterly accidental. Our erstwhile commitment to planning and ideals can inadvertently overtake the whimsy of life. I won't go so far as to suggest that ricocheting off life's pilings is completely tolerable but one has to be open to alteration.  It is besides preposterous to pretend that the events of life will always unfold as originally orchestrated.

Oddly we are more disposed to adopt punishment for our behaviour than we are inclined to accept reward for our conduct. This gusto effectively predicts unsatisfactory results if not reined in.  My developing orbit is to embrace only what works. Apart from obviating the uncomfortable details of life, the posture favours adventitious outcomes. I have imported the additional circumscription of time; basically I haven't enough of it to permit me to squader what remains on anything revolting. It is a tactic which I find imputes a degree of wisdom to an otherwise practical solution.

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