Monday, February 5, 2018

Getting it right!

Straightening things out, standing tall, recovering one's balance, righting the ship - they're all expressions directed at correcting a potentially damaging list and restoring perfection. There are times in the sailing vernacular when careening (grounding a vessel at high tide to expose one side of its hull for maintenance and repair below the water line) is both desirable and necessary.  Even heaving ho much less heaving down requires a degree of inclination in order to come about - that is, to shift to a new tack.  But generally getting it right means fixing whatever's wrong, whether the current state of affairs or the projected direction and character of future behaviour.

Today was one of those days that began with inordinte p&v shortly after 4:00 am. The gusto had been prompted by having restlessly tossed about in bed for a good deal of the early hours of the morning. Finally I relented. I determined to rid myself of the plaguing concerns. It was time to get it right!  There were a number of things on my mind, among them issues relating to banking, writing, personal adornment and residential affairs.  For purposes of this narrative it matters not what were the particulars - they all addressed horridly boring details by most standards - but for me they were critical as I am a confessed perfectionist (which amounts to nothing more than an admission of utter impossibility).  I threw myself into the task immediately upon awakening, armed with my strong, black coffee and slices of Navel orange.  Initially I was making good headway in the banking department.  This victory was supplemented by a subsequent email from our bankers in Canada and Florida. Fortified by these developments I attacked the literary matters with positive gusto.  Though I have yet to conclude that particular assault, we have in the meantime corresponded upon the residential matters (though not without some turmoil and hot-headed language to propel the resolution).  I also received a requested response regarding a commission to a jeweler in Canada.  On the balance therefore I've succeeded to wrestle the early morning instability into a semblance of order.  There are still from frayed edges but we're clearly making progress notwithstanding it as accomplished at the price of some disagreement and heated exchanges.  Naturally I regret that complete amicability was not possible but after 40 years of practicing law and having to push to get results, I'm frankly accustomed to it.  And I certainly don't prefer the alternative of blissful but feckless happiness.  It shall ever be so that getting it right requires a bit of push and shove.

After spoiling myself with a prolonged dose of E. F. Benson's "Lucia in London" late this morning - and noticing that the sky was clearing and the temperature was favourable - I freshened up and set off on my bicycle.  Fortunately for me the wind was from the north so I headed into it, reasoning that I would later profit by the tailwind upon my return along the beach when the tide had gone down mid-afternoon.  Whether it was the dry seasonable air or the invigoration of my morning shower or both, I became entirely absorbed in the Ocean air and radiant sunshine.  Once again today - as had happened yesterday - the hint of temperate conditions was palpable. Though I wore a light cotton jersey over my Polo shirt it was quite enough to insulate me from the remnant cool air spilling down from Canada.  When I afterwards sailed home on the beach into the declining rays, it was warm!  The forecast for all of next week is temperatures in the high 70℉s.

The reason I was initially set upon riding (north) into the wind was primarily because for the past several days I had gone in the opposite direction to Ponce Inlet.  The southern journey is more tranquil and less urban but occasionally I prefer the complexity of Daytona Beach.  The ride there today was thoroughly pleasant.  I was able to dodge the increased number of pedestrians on the sidewalk.  And when I revisited certain of the hidden treasures of Daytona Beach I was amply rewarded, a serendipitous combination of dazzling sunshine and lack of conflicting urbanity.

On my return sail down the beach I pedaled as strenously as possible to avoid being completely relaxed with the strong wind at my back.  I feel the necessity to "work it" so to speak, to warrant some exercise.  I still stopped along the way at Frank Rendon Park (my favourite) just to relish the day and the scenery.  But it wasn't long before I was back home and perched in front of my MacBook Pro.

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