Saturday, February 3, 2018

Silly me!

Unquestionably the advantage of having a close friend in whom one can confide is that one can speak one's mind. I am not here referring to trifling political commentary (though that too can in some circles be extremely sensitive) nor to abstract sometimes abrasive philosophical ruminations (lightning rods like religion or euthanasia). What I am talking about is the vulgar personal expressions surrounding materialism - or what might euphemistically be called "shopping". For some reason I have always considered it shameful - almost sinful - to indulge my wasteful possessory indiscretions. Perhaps the root of my embarrassment is that it smacks of flagrant showing off - conspicuous ostentation.  What however relieves the penalty of my pretentious display is that it has nothing whatever to do with the boastful symbols of wealth.  I am for example the first to admit that I once maintained a line of credit with every chartered bank in Canada - contemporaneously!  That hardly qualifies as proof of capital. In fact exhibitionism is the first clue that there is perhaps an underlying deceit - or at the very least a calculated effort to impress.

But as I say my object is not to pretend to have the wherewithal for any such vulgarity (as if there were any legitimate basis for being vulgar) but rather to luxuriate in the bald delectation of the goods.  I stand on the strict distinction between the means and the end (an economic factor which you have to admit if improperly implemented can at times dilute blazing flamboyance with unfortunate consequences of accommodation). Considering that we seldom condemn anyone for being an art collector (even if the genre is not to our liking) I suppose it is defensible to wallow in the lower ranks of physical idealism - wanton hedonism such as jewellery and cars.

The 9" Miami Cuban link (flat on one side, rounded on the other) 20 mm sterling silver bracelet made by Silver Wow weighs about 216 grams (7.6 ounces).

By comparison a similar 9" 18K gold bracelet weighs about 321 grams (11.32 ounces).

The utility of this ornament isn't worth addressing (unless it were by way of apology for some native instinct for glitter). Nonetheless I feel compelled to advance that - assuming the fabrication captures the rich yellow colour of butter and a corresponding pudgy smoothness - its tactile and visual sensations are beyond account.  This putative advantage will fail to convince most people, I know.  But neither by contrast am I persuaded by the delights of fly fishing for example.  So it boils down to personal preferences.  I am hardened in that perspective and therefore refuse to alter my view.

Then there are cars. My defence - should I require one - on this particular front is that one can never beat the car dealers at their game.  It's a "pay me now or pay me later" situation. The one time I attempted to outwit the dealers I had to replace the transmission within months of the expiry of the warranty.  It helps that apart from jewelery and cars I no longer buy anything of consequence. Nor do I have any intention of doing so. My routine extravagance is now limited to casual clothes from Bealls where they legitimize the concept of disposable clothing.

These paltry obsessions are in the end small-bore though potentially irksome or vapid to others. The publicity of my delight is therefore something I normally try to keep under wraps.  But when as today I had the opportunity freely to disclose my exuberance to my dear friend, oh what a pleasure it was! Directing effulgence to these secretive passions is oddly liberating - dare I say mischievous!

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