Sunday, April 8, 2018

Back Home

Though we arrived home shortly after six o'clock in the evening on Thursday it was well after midnight before we at last dragged ourselves to bed.  The groceries we had bought remained undisturbed in the refrigerator.  We hadn't interrupted our mania for unloading and putting away our luggage, reviewing mail, winding clocks and reconnecting devices to have anything to eat. It was a termporary struggle to get the Cannon Pixma printer/scanner connected to the computer and WiFi, an important effort in order to deal with the various T3 statements to send to the accountant. The laundry was in full swing throughout the entire evening. There was more clothing and toiletries to unpack and put away than we recalled having purchased.

The remainder of the month of April is laden with appointments with the heart institute, general physicians, optometrist, dentist and hygienists, neurologist, banker, accountant, jeweller and automobile dealer. In addition we have a tradition of social engagements to fulfill during the same immediate period, specifically a congregation with my former assistants and their family and friends at a local maple syrup farm before the end of the sapping run-off; and naturally we must renew old friendships generally. I annoyingly added to my agenda by having backed my car into a lamp post at the grocery store the moment of our return home.  The automobile dealer has thankfully agreed to attend to the repair at their end but it is nonetheless exasperating, a reminder of life's perpetual assaults and the need to rise above the little things.

Judging by my state of physical distress, the drive home was more work than I had initially perceived. I confess that any drive of that length is a strain but clearly the broken ribs added to the unfavourable element.  I have submitted to doing nothing out of the ordinary for the next several days.  Last night I hadn't the energy to eat dinner; instead I lay on the couch and slept for two hours before tiring to bed (where I slept solidly for another ten hours).

It's Sunday morning, a moderately sunny but cool day with a chance of light snow.  I am listening to Antonio Vivaldi's "Beatus Vir" performed by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. A degree of guilt surrounds me as I begin a readjustment to a more careful diet.  I haven't abandoned my English muffin and organic peanut butter but the rest of the meals are decidedly puntuated with a profusion of raw vegetables and fresh fish. My weight increased by as much as five pounds or more during our three-day drive home.  Desserts are the usual culprits!  Yesterday's donut indulgence is hopefully the last of that!  From now on we're hoping to satisfying ourselves with figs and dates for a sweet.

This afternoon I will engage in my usual diversion by getting the car washed and driving to my neurologist's office to locate it for future reference.

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