Monday, April 2, 2018

Kristen's Birthday

Kristen's Birthday

We’ve long been adriftin’ towards talking about Kristen
To tell her what really we feel. 
To say just how special she’s been since we met her
And how wonderful we've both found her zeal.

Her passion and devotion are the least of emotions
She's bound to express in a day.
There's no one quite like her who affords us such rapture
In her own very singular way.

Thank goodness she was born so we can celebrate the morn
That rendered this incomparable steel.
She's a hit from the start and one from whom we'd never part.
She's a sweetie-pie of unparalleled appeal!

So, Kristen, we hope you'll accept this silly poetic set
As a meager thrust of our love
For the kindness you have shown us and the darling that we've known thus.
You're a treasure that few are above!

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Bill & Denis

April 4, 2018

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