Friday, May 18, 2018

The price of freedom

In October, 2017 after the worst mass shooting in the United States of America weird and wired television character Bill O'Reilly (now thankfully a disesteemed reject of equally laughable Fox News) boiled the massacre down to six words: "This is the price of freedom".  Does this absurd comment have any support at all among the American people?  Are they genuinely subject to such extraordinarily shallow observation? Are the Americans collectively as stupid as they now appear to be to the international community? If so, what planet do they live on? Is Trump actually their leader? Do they also think the South will rise again?

Demonizing the people of an entire country is not something I would ever do willingly. The atrocities of North Africa are not likely an evil for which every citizen is to blame. But there has to be a point at which the speciousness of excuses no longer prevails. Today's report of a mass shooting at a high school in Texas only succeeds to augment the conviction.  The histrionics of Texas are fraught with artificiality.  And listening to FBI and police officials begin their soppy account of the shootings by thanking the various law enforcement agencies (both state and federal) involved in the calamity - and having to endure the likes of Ted Cruz go on and on about his heartfelt sympathy for the parents of the murdered students - is nothing short of loathsome.

The United States of America is exponentially acquiring the appearance of being run by a squad of goons, the so-called "deplorables" with the 30% voting capacity that has forever contaminated the face of American history. The gun-toting deranged individuals who advertise themselves and their misguided opinions are rapidly falling into the same category of obnoxious, racist, unintelligent psychos who profess to run the nation.  My instinct tells me the day of avenging past mistakes is approaching. No longer is it palatable to proclaim the guileful dopiness of Americans is limited to those who are south of the Mason-Dixon Line and northeast of California. They are all being submerged in a twisted model of reasoning which promises to continue to threaten each and every one of them.  As the provocation nears their children more and more frequently they will find the failures of their legal and romantic perversions are no longer sustainable.  John Wayne and the Marlboro Man were not real characters. JR Ewing was but another television clown.  The expediency of arguments about liberty, individuality and constitutional history has long ago expired.  Pointing the finger at Mexican drug pushers is but a disguise. The authenticity of their drama and blame has fully evaporated.  If they haven't the capacity to figure out the solution, then they are indeed more witless than I imagined.

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