Thursday, May 31, 2018

Idyllic Venture

I wouldn't normally invite myself to someone else's home for dinner.  But on this occasion the social faux pas was at least somewhat less offensive because I offered to prepare the meal.  Our host has the fortune to live on an exceedingly lovely property and as a result is notoriously reluctant to abandon it. We on the other hand are fully fledged cave dwellers; it is therefore an attraction for us to retire to the country to a decidedly less urban environment.

Part of the appeal of the place is the pool in the meadow.  After lingering in the solarium like drowsy flies in the afternoon heat, we both energized ourselves sufficiently to take a refreshing plunge.  Even when we were swimming the household pet Fin (a black Labrador) managed to pursue us along the edge of the pool with the intent to force either of us to throw his ball to him. It had surprised me that the animal stayed close to us throughout our arrival at Heron House because - in order to prepare for the evening meal - we arrived well ahead of our host.

The meal unfolded with uncommonly rapid progression.  The lady of our group had just cycled 24 kms from her home to our host's place.  So she understandably had an appetite.  As did I because I had eaten nothing other than an orange and banana for breakfast at seven o'clock this morning. Three of the four of us had swum in the pool and I fully suspect the cool salt water worked its healthful magic.  Most of the meal surrounded pasta, veggies and Parmesan cheese with fruit for dessert.  We weren't long in motoring through the lot and then agreeably concluded the project shortly after nine o'clock.

I suspect it isn't often our host and his lady have the opportunity to retire from social gatherings at a reasonable hour.  Tonight they did. Pointedly there was no objection from anyone about wrapping things up.  Sometimes a hearty meal and a good rest are all to wish for.

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