Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Let's start with the facts - I wish to purvey tangible proof of my authority on the weighty subject that follows. It is my opinion that facts - even if putatively open to question - are at least a disciplined and logical way to commence an analysis. I would be hard pressed to advance a more propitious foundation for any serious rumination. So let us begin! Today is Wednesday. Yet what transpired on Monday seems light years ago (forgive my muddle of a unit of distance with a unit of time but I think you get the point). After the elapse of mere hours things begin to fade from memory - at least those things which aren't for sometimes inexplicable reasons ordained to bark night and day at your front door. Put another way, there are certain matters which qualify as all-consuming to the point of wretchedness. On the other hand it never requires a whole lot of thought to discard the obsession with trifles. But not everything is unimportant.

How then does one address the neurotic excesses (for lack of a better term)? It's an uncomfortable affliction of being abnormally sensitive and - to be completely candid - thoroughly maladjusted. Ever has it been so that human beings conflict with one another. Why ever we should express any alarm at that avowed reduction I cannot imagine!  Or do we harbour the puzzling belief that one person or another is beyond such natural condemnation? If you're convinced as I am that the preferred reality is that communication problems eventually exist between all people - and if you also believe as I do that nothing is beyond resolve - then there is every reason to pursue a consideration of what's happening.

The most likely result of cogitation is that we will perceive the demons and "other considerations" which significantly affect not only others but also ourselves. It therefore merits the effort to examine the elements at play.  If we are too quick to adopt a purely emotional dissection of the issues, then we risk minimizing the more lingering values of what is at stake. This broadly-worded resolution captures the necessity of understanding facts, not just reacting to them. We may further be prompted to appreciate the circumstances which precipitated the conduct in the first place. There's a reason for everything.

The very first milestone when putting on one's thinking cap is to allow the legitimacy of what others say and do. This is not to be confused with insinuating some deliberate act of subterfuge on their part (that's the cheap-and-easy way).  Besides sharp-practice is pretty much limited to commercial activity. But in personal matters the alleged chicanery of our associates is probably misguided.  Certainly "Gold Diggers" still exist but their evolution customarily involves what is most likely an even swap (so I'll abandon that situation as one of bespoke detail as opposed to more general application). The matters having widespread circulation invariably involve what we casually label personality or character, either of which is expansive enough to include almost any code of behaviour. The examination is accordingly one which warrants wide assessment.

This mustn't however suggest that the object is to prolong an uncomfortable state of affairs. The goal - as in any pursuit of the facts - is knowledge.  How one responds to that knowledge is a path which may or may not arise subsequently.  At the outset the sole topic of value and elucidation is the appreciation of why a person is motivated to behave as they do. This may be a seriously prolonged voyage of discovery.  Again it is critical to recall that there is no impeding necessity to revive what is momentarily inert. This is not a discussion of political or diplomatic strategy; rather is a trumpet for thoughtful decomposition.

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