Tuesday, July 10, 2018

La Dolce Vita

The summer is literally steaming along.  Indeed things are moving so hotly and quickly we are already musing about when the weather will begin to cool and usher in the autumn.  If we were not so preoccupied with our agenda (which essentially reflects our domestic readjustment to Canada after a six-month sojourn in Florida and the preparation for departure again in the fall) we might be more relaxed and less prospective.  But medical necessities embrace time limitations (made all the more compelling by having to withstand the customary system delays - some of which routinely extend for months at a time).

Meanwhile we're rediscovering the hallmark customs of summer in Ontario - bicycling in the morning along tranquil and aromatic country roads, languid dining on the patio at the golf club and by a friend's countryside pool, savouring delectable strawberries, peaches and fresh garden produce and herbs, capricious ice cream and maple syrup at the Ivy Lea Club and the Burnstown café, sizzling steak and sausage barbecue with family, wearing comfortable cotton and linen clothing and sunbathing in the brilliant sunshine.  It is a state of being which by the innocent perception of many is leisurely and pleasurable.  It weakens any account of either deprivation or misfortune.

But of course nothing could be further from the truth.  The plain chronicle is that life for each of us is not without its perils and disappointments however ephemeral or infrequent they may be. Whether we care to confess it or not, the other absolute is that most of us are selfishly persuaded that our own dilemmas are both singular and superlative - neither of which has any substance.  Oddly the admission of that less than altruistic approach to life's challenges is diluted by the subsequent clinical analysis that promotes the universality of experiences - specifically their indiscriminate presence and randomness.  To be succinct, none of us is spared!

Overcoming life's unpredictable despondency is not something which is available on demand.  It is perfectly reasonable to acknowledge that there are events in our lives which require more or less time for consideration and recovery.  When however the season for improvement arises, it is wise to evaluate the choice of behaviour. Of all the choices available it is my opinion that the preferred conduct is one which - even though possibly deceitful - captures the favourable conclusion of well-being and satisfaction.  If one were to insist upon a more probative (or "genuine") motivation, then consider this: we've more to gain by a positive attitude to the future than we do from one of dismay and rejection.  If nothing else, it's worth the try.  I won't say that the effort produces a guaranteed result in every case but on balance the option is preferable.

Remaining hard and fast to the enigmatic "good life" is anything but straightforward. Regrettably for some it requires a measure of intelligence - even, dare I say it, logic. But I am convinced that maintaining a forward-thinking attitude is ultimately the better option. If nothing else it promotes the preservation of standards (and may collaterally include the avoidance of unnecessary acrimony either about oneself or others).  Frankly I've never quite abandoned the stony-hearted adage, "Nobody's listening and nobody cares". My innate sense of theatre leads me to prefer at least the appearance of gratification. I will not allow myself to be defeated by the wall paper!

The result of this deception is very strange to tell
For when I fool the people I fear I fool myself as well.

The King and I - Whistle a Happy Tune - MetroLyrics

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