Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Lonely Road

It isn't often I take an aimless automobile drive alone.  When one is blessed (as am I) with an agreeable and sharing relationship, the solo adventures are infrequent.  Today however was another rainy day.  It required little resolution for us to withdraw from the customary routine of an improving bicycle ride. But not everyone is equally enthralled by the prospect of motoring along a glistening highway. I won't pretend that either my ambition or performance was especially singular but at least I permitted myself the novelty of some hitherto uncharted rural roads.

What characterized this particular jaunt was that I connected my iPhone to the car's audio system.  Automatically the device shuffled and played the recorded songs of the various albums (both classical and popular).  It is quite remarkable to hear the vast selection of music accumulated over time. Undeniably the range surpasses what one hears on Sirius XM radio (choices which are of necessity peculiar to the active station and are understandably repetitive). The advantage of being alone is that the volume can be as high or low as one wishes.  My late father (who - like his own father - was wildly committed to long-distant driving) rarely listened to anything other than the news when driving. While I enjoy the purr of a smooth engine as well as any other automotive freak, I also dearly cherish the sound of my favourite music - "O Mio Babbino Caro" for example.

My selection of pathway was as random as my assortment of music.  Basically I went in the direction I was led.  Granted, I maintained some control by adopting the correct magnetic pole but otherwise the escapade was fortuitous. There were moments I wondered whether I had gone astray.  I even passed through some tiny unfamiliar villages. But eventually I reconnected with known territory. I am convinced I am on the rebound from months of dedicated effort, a disposition which promotes both quietude and idle relaxation. Small wonder my objective was so purposeless.

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