Saturday, August 11, 2018

Breakfast of Champions!

We're rapidly approaching the middle of August!  This most desirable summer is quickly passing us by!  Small wonder we determined to visit Rock-N-Horse Farm on Rae Road for breakfast this morning, the ideal way to begin another exceptional summer weekend! I am bound to add parenthetically that we initiated this golden summer day with a constitutional bicycle ride along Country Street and round the 8th Line of Ramsay.  Thus energized - and after a revitalizing cold shower - we sailed along the picturesque rural road to our destination, the 180-acre spread of Arlee and Diane Sheets.  The breakfast menu today was a pulled-pork sandwich on a bun, Cole slaw and a fruit salad. To my utter satisfaction the fruit salad was replaced with a homemade piece of blueberry pie!  The Sacrament of Heaven!

As the sun shone and the flies buzzed we complemented our nutritional outing at the picnic table by chatting with a gentleman who regularly assists on the farm.  His wife, two young children and new family pet were there also. The social element was delightful.  Arlee and his assistant briefly amused themselves at my expense when I mistakenly alluded to the mechanical milking machine connecting to the tits not the teats!  It was, they said, confirmation I was no farmer.  Quite honestly the greater embarrassment for me was the connotative one, not the strategic one.

Our next stop after breakfast was Grace in the Kitchen in Sittsville on Hazeldean Road. Each weekend the store sells freshly baked bread of various descriptions.  My favourite is a date and nut loaf. We had been asked by my sister to purchase two boxes of Maldon salt as well. Naturally there were several other items which caught our attention before leaving with two full bags.

Somewhere along Baseline Road - as we travelled towards my sister's place in Ottawa South - I became aware that my morning dose of marijuana oil was really working.  This particular product (Yellow Hybrid by Spectrum Cannabis) is low on TCH and high on CBD; that is, its psychedelic feature is negligible compared to its analgesic effect.  So noticeable was the anodyne that it inspired me in ways I had not felt for months.  As part of my experimentation I had doubled the dose of this product and ignored using another of different blends.  Narrowing the choice of strains is somewhat redundant in that it is illegal to bring the medicine to the United States in October for the winter.  Nonetheless I was buoyed to discover at least one commodity which appears to do what I want.

So enthused was I by having diminished my customary pain that I actively wanted to go bicycling again in the afternoon heat.   This I did, repeating the morning exercise, but with a much reduced element of discomfort.  Even afterwards I still felt chuffed enough for another drive in the country, this time to Neat Café in Burnstown.

There however the overall experience was less than desirable.  Across the street from the café is an ice cream parlour, on the front porch of which there were several musicians playing extremely loud popular music.  It was the type of distortion one might expect to hear at a popular marina in a bar.  It certainly didn't appeal to me.  As soon as I had finished drinking my iced espresso coffee I left.

The drive back home was pleasant enough - though the many young drivers on the road made me feel decidedly antique for maintaining the speed limit.  It pleased me nonetheless to rejoin them momentarily at the next stop light.  It was a reminder too of the general repugnance of tourists, people who often appear to disregard local customs of one nature or another.  But enough of my curmudgeonly behaviour!  I certainly avoided the temptation to challenge the upstarts!

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