Friday, August 24, 2018

Well, that was lucky!

As wont as I am to credit my achievements to intellect, calculation and hard work, I am invariably reminded that a good day - like the weather - is more a consequence of chance (and perhaps a relieving bowel movement) than anything else.  And while the serendipity of the temperament is similarly cosmic (and punishingly diminishing) it does nothing to exhaust the elevation of the moment and the sheer pleasure of what is metaphorically a nice sunny day!

Whenever I am reminded that I have luckily escaped the by-product of my own impatience and roiling behaviour, it thrills me to relish the result. Parenthetically it also motivates me to do whatever possible to avoid such entangled contradictions in the future - though I fully expect I'll never escape what appears to be the guarantee of endless ups and downs for whatever reason.  Like the weather.

Yesterday however was one of those "Rocky Mountain Highs", a period of unpredicted beneficence and beguilement.  The enchantment was entirely accidental - and pointedly combined with what was authentically magical weather. The day involved a series of unscheduled but very satisfactory attendances, first upon my elderly mother, then my sister and her husband, followed by a neighbour of theirs, and finally two semi-business encounters with associated people.  From the outset I marvelled at the success of the developments.  Without disclosing the particulars, permit me to observe that I learned for example that an earlier disparagement of mine had not been communicated to the other party through the mere lack of opportunity.  I grasped the opportunity to revoke what I had said, insisting that I preferred to abandon the inequality in lieu of the preservation of quietude. It is a sharp reminder that being right is not necessarily the answer.  Sometimes overlooking a matter is the better choice, the moral equivalent of the pragmatism captured in the adage, "Honesty is the best policy as long as you're not in trouble".

Undoubtedly this initial fortuity fuelled the lesser advantages that followed though naturally I hadn't any more objection than one might have to the occurrence of any blissful day. It would be ingenuous to deny that part of the enthusiasm which insinuated yesterday's Nirvana evolved from associated recent triumphs - getting medical concerns in order, settling financial deliberations, resolving long-standing annoyances and planning for the future. While this hardly warrants great accomplishment, it at least qualifies as natural evolution in the right direction.

And did I mention the subsequent bicycle ride?

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