Friday, November 9, 2018

Blank Day

There was nothing on my diary today, nothing. The agenda was blank. It suited me fine.  Especially as the sky was absolutely clear; and there was a promise of 82℉. I had several filet of cooked Grouper in the fridge.  That and some Moon Drop grapes, sliced banana and black coffee made for an acceptable breakfast.

By ten-thirty I was on my bike and headed along the path on Gulf of Mexico Drive to Block 5000. I felt decidedly more energetic this morning than I did yesterday. Things had coalesced; I was no longer re-living my former practitioner's duties and constraints. I complimented myself on having applied a bit of the old oil to an otherwise grainy discussion last evening - with favourable results.  By the time I reached Bayfront Park the news of further advances had progressed. Though I did not discover it until later, there was another success in the making.  All the elements combined to make for an adventitious day!

Though there were more people on the bike path today than usual, the scene at the pool later was quite different.  Today is the beginning of the Remembrance Day Weekend. Initially I had speculated that the evaporation was due to it being Friday, that people were winging their way north for some reason, either business or the end of their jaunt here before Thanksgiving.  Maybe it has more to do with the celebratory weekend.  In any event I was alone by the pool at four o'clock this afternoon.  The yellow orb burned over the four-foot high magnolia bushes.  I could hear the rollicking waters of the Gulf on the other side. A magnificent bird sailed high above, riding effortlessly on the air waves.

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