Friday, November 2, 2018

Let's do lunch!

“Her mind was as the landscape outside when dark beneath clouds and straitly lashed by wind and hail."

"The Voyage Out" by Virginia Woolf

Today on a stormy beach day we were provoked to foregather for lunch.  We hadn't any particular venue in mind. Each of us three liberally conceded unshackled choice to the others. Though after pondering what was available immediately on Longboat Key (always by definition a restricted diet) we agreeably settled upon Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub, 760 Broadway Street at the north end of the Key. It turns out to have been a hunky-dory selection.

Apparently we arrived with an appetite. The initial grub of Brussel sprouts (ginger and soy, served with sriracha aioli) got us off to an animated start. What followed - fresh local bottom-feeder fish and salad - sustained us satisfactorily to the end.  No sale of the celebrated Key Lime pie today!

Our conversation was intimate and relaxed.  We stared at the yachts in the Bay. We stretched our limbs in whatever direction we wished while seated at the large cast iron table, smoothing the sand below at our feet, occasionally swatting at a mysterious insect attracted to the fare. The after-thought of homemade crisps arrived - olive oil the overwhelming ingredient. We talked of the legacy of Greek sponge divers who settled at Tarpon Springs in the early 1900s; and about aimless drives north along the Coast.

After dropping our host in Siesta Key I treated myself to an uninhibited passage along the Coast.

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