Monday, December 11, 2017

Birthday Party!

Today is my birthday and as a day for a victory lap it couldn't have been more perfect! Our jaunt to Longboat Key - the putative excuse for the six-day birthday celebration - has turned out to be ideal in every way. Granted much of the triumph is serendipitous.  The weather - though somewhat cool - has been predominantly dry and clear.  For the past several days we have bicycled within a ten mile radius, relishing the pleasant winding pathways, the gorgeous scenery and surrounding architecture. Our accommodation at Longboat Key Club is nonpareil, including the beach, pool and hot tub.  The staff are friendly and proactive.

Though it may sound peculiar by most standards we haven't dined out once since our arrival here - nor do we intend to do so for the remaining two days.  Instead we have prepared our own meals in the galley kitchen of our beachfront suite.  The nearby Publix grocery store exceeded our expectations - including fresh salmon, jumbo shrimp, fruit, vegetables, greens and berries.  We have leisurely enjoyed our meals, sipping and supping at our own pace.  There is no question that our familiarity with shifting residences has taught us how to plan meals on short notice.  It also helps that we regularly deal with Publix (including for example using an iPhone App which specifies the aisle where items are located).

This afternoon the poolboy set up two chaise longues for us at the beach, complete with terrycloth covers and striped blue and white towels.  The chairs were facing directly onto the Gulf of Mexico into the sun under an azure dome.

Throughout the day I was privileged to receive birthday wishes from friends.  It afforded me the opportunity to catch up.  All in all it was a reminder that life is good and that I am lucky in every imaginable way.  Though I know I risk sounding hopelessly pollyanna in saying so I nonetheless stand by the observation. It is inevitable that circumstances change but for the meantime it's full steam ahead! I see no compelling reason to dilute my euphoria.

It is impossible when surrounded by glitter not to engage in wistful speculation. However we have happily learned to embrace our own choices and have never been regretful.  This is not to suggest we haven't a mouth-watering admiration for what we see here but it does not taint our personal satisfaction.  In the end it's all so much stuff!

Living within one's own skin is more than axiomatic.  We believe we have modestly succeeded to that realization.  As a result whenever we land upon a moment such as this, to share our happy adventures together, it is a source of enormous pleasure.

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