Monday, December 18, 2017

Real life, real people

The advent of so-called "reality TV" makes a mockery of life's tribulations. There is virtually nothing realistic about these notional ideas of what actually exists.  In any event it doesn't require much to convince me to abandon popular television communications.  Either I revert instead to PBS for imported documentaries and dramatic productions; or, I rely upon Netflix for similar nutrition including its repertoire of independent films.

When all that fails as a diversionary tactic my ultimate resort is an improving British novel (admittedly archaic).  I am for example reminded of the following quote:

"I believe there are two ways of writing novels.  One is make a sort of musical comedy without music and ignoring real life altogether; the other is going deep down into life and not caring a damn..."

P. G. Wodehouse

As much as I enjoy a cathartic experience I find its purgative effect is diminished if I am currently unable to address a dilemma head-on. Basically I am overwhelmed by necessity and no amount of exorcising will deliver me from a repressive atmosphere. According to certain opinion my psychosis is the product of abject impatience. To abandon one's fate to "Que sera!" is not my answer.  I am not one to be thwarted. Technically there is no reason at all that others should live up to my personal expectations of performance. I accept that. What however I dispute is the propriety of keeping me in the dark about what might or might not transpire at least in the realm of business. My view of transactional commerce is that it is a bilateral affair.  Sadly it is sometimes imperative to remind people of that particularity. Though undertaking the role of a pestering prodder is not my wish, I have no intention of accommodating lackadaisical behaviour which I consider exceedingly inferior and as a result intolerable.

Bringing things to a head is never easy. First and foremost the entire project though jointly conceived may be off the radar.  It is unsafe to assume that others prosecute their duties with equal assiduity.  I am never persuaded that the lack of attention is the product of being overly busy (a lame excuse frequently advanced by those who are derelict). I have long ago lost any compunction about keeping my opinions to myself. Though my objective is never to direct others I will nonetheless not rest until I have achieved the putative goal of our congress. Unless and until the alliance is relinquished I fully expect to know what's happening.  Years ago I learned that the expectation of timeliness is neither imprudent nor overly zealous.  I also learned that responsiveness was characteristic of the more accomplished business people with whom I dealt; and that the obverse is similarly true.  It mattered not that the people were the principals or the subalterns; mediocrity made no such abstract or ill-founded distinction.

There are few things in life which are insurmountable.  Knowing so is a comfort to those who are motivated to make things happen.  It may at times amount to an indefensible excuse for others to procrastinate.  The difference in posture is merely one of time - whether to wait it out or push it along.  Clearly my reputed obsessive disposition inclines me in the direction of prosecution. This potentially imperils the coziness of an extant relationship but certainly hastens a resolution or at least a clearing of the air so to speak.  My preference is to do so at whatever cost.  Too often I have discovered that my hesitancy was nothing but private suffering so it matters not that the relevance of the matter is escalated.  I'd much rather draw the subject from the darkness into the disinfecting sunlight.  Only then can one deal with real life, real people.

Apart from that its P. G. Wodehouse or E. F. Benson.  And formerly a dry martini!

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