Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wintry Sky

Even in sub-tropical climates in late December there is the unmistakeable hue of a wintry sky. The light is less harsh; the shadows are longer and there is an ominous starkness. The Winter Solstice is upon us complete with its Christian response. In spite of the balmy breeze and 80℉ temperature today the sky had a soft yellow blur characteristic of the atmosphere upon the approach of Christmas Eve, tomorrow.

The monochromatic rendition inspires inner warmth and complementary festiveness as though to counteract the withering landscape. There are so many northern interlopers here at this time of year that their holiday influence is irrepressible. The red toques with white faux fur trim make a mockery of the ambient climate. By Christmas Day the dedication to appropriating the winter image will suddenly evaporate and as speedily the perception promoted by tinsel, tiny lights and fir boughs will be replaced with palm trees and jade coloured Ocean.

The transition - though clearly accelerated - is so obvious that one wonders at the magic of the seasons. It may also speak to our unwillingness to linger upon misfortune; and the corresponding quest for relief.  At the very least we relentlessly pine for distraction.

The so-called period of hibernation in Florida is thankfully destined to be short. Nonetheless as the bulk of the nation and others in the Northern Hemisphere here and in Europe slowly emerge from the paralyzing effect of winter, it means that tourism in Florida will experience a minor dip in activity until after the New Year. Christmas is still considered by most in this demographic as a family time and except for those whose grandparents live in Florida, that means staying at home. When at last the vacationers arrive, anxious for a dose of heat and release from the wearing cold, the cycle of the sun will have returned to its upswing. No longer will the sky or the metrics of the inhabitants be tempered by waning sunlight.

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