Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Weekend

From what I can judge the rain has not been as forbidding as forecast. Certainly the rivers are higher than normal at this time of year; and the waterfalls are arrayed to singular advantage. The golf course is suffering uncommon flooding nearby the first tee below the club house adjacent the Mississippi River. The predicted downfall has however retarded.  We didn't encounter any road closures. Occasionally the sky appeared to be clearing and brightening in the distance.

We were able to walk about downtown Ottawa early this morning without getting drenched as we waited for a text message from the trendy hostess of the small diner (Wilf & Ada's) we visited on Bank Street for breakfast. In the meantime we popped into the newly opened Hobo cannabis store. The tattooed, hippy-style clerk was pleasant but confirmed the product is - like booze - recreational more than a pain killer (which was my interest).  Having experimented with medicinal marijuana (CBD and THC) - and having paid around $900 per month for the pleasure - I'm content to stick with Tylenol Arthritis. As far as I can tell the once nefarious combustible is far from being a proven therapeutic. The psychedelic effect causes me only anxiety.

The food at the restaurant - which exhibits locally produced items - was very tasty.  The server recalled that I had been there recently (when seeing the dental surgeon). He made a cautionary comment about my repeated √† la carte order to the effect that it was more costly than ordering by number but I told him we could manage.

On our way home we stopped at two venues - one, where I anticipate having my cataract surgery; two, a vegan retail store and beanery. A car wash and gas fill-up ensued in Stittsville on the last leg of our little journey. Oh - and a stop at the grocery store to replenish the larder. We reacquainted ourselves with the staff there, mumbling the customary assertions about the winter and the snow. My young fish-guy disclosed to me - when I mentioned my plethora of recent medical appointments and anticipated cataract surgery - that he has kidney disease affecting his vision and hearing. The private dramas abound!

My greatest current misfortune was a sudden drowsiness.  Though it was only early afternoon when we regained the apartment, I succumbed to a nap on the green leather couch. I was gone! It did me a lot of good.  I suspect we're still recovering from our intensive trip from Longboat Key and the busy week that followed.  We haven't yet accomplished all we're set upon doing but an operative agenda has been laid out. Again and again I commission myself to abandon superfluous concerns about the past or the future. Fretting of that nature is patently wasteful of time and energy, rather like eating donuts while gassing about a diet. I have always obsessed about plans for things to happen. In my former career it was a tolerable device for ensuring fulfillment of an undertaking. Now however so many of my projects depend upon the work of others, not only myself or immediate consortium. Lately I have unfortunately been obliged to descend into an element of controversy concerning certain of these matters, operating as the proverbial squeaky wheel in order to get the grease. Such conflict offends me exponentially.  It's exactly the reason I opted to run my own small business years ago rather than work in a corporate environment. Being a curmudgeon affords some benefit in this alteration!

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