Saturday, April 27, 2019

The pleasure of narcotic drugs

Following my dental surgery yesterday I am taking a pain killer which I strongly suspect is narcotic.  Among other warnings on the bottle about drowsiness and dizziness and the use of care when operating a vehicle, vessel (e.g., boat) or machinery, there is a yellow sticker proclaiming that opioids can cause dependence, addiction and overdose. The opioid is used to suppress pain, coughing and for executions in the United States. My general mood and behaviour is unquestionably heightened in the past twenty-four hours.  The primary difference is the total lack of pain, a highly improving sensation. I have no doubt I give myself more credit than due when I say that an element of the euphoria is psychological release from what had been the impending medical issues prior to the surgery (though in fairness the endodontist told me today in a follow-up conversation that it is possible there was removal of some disturbing bacteria in the surgical process).

I have some acquaintance with analgesics already, having been through four to six-hour surgery on two other occasions. It is not something I wish to repeat regularly but the temporary exposure is entertaining. After an uncommonly restful sleep last night I began the day at a reasonable hour this morning with a breakfast of chilled black coffee, unsweetened apple sauce, mushed Bran with banana and a small piece of Naan bread smothered in salted butter and organic peanut butter. From this agreeable start I transitioned to moderate mobility. I drove the car to Stittsville for a wash. The Appleton Road was clear, an undulating ribbon along the open fields as yet showing no signs of Spring other than the absence of snow. Upon my return I further expiated my guilt of indolence by grocery shopping. That's the thing about narcotics, everything is amusing! Once again I profit by my current condition of recovery because I am supposed to avoid over-exertion.  Bicycling for example is right out.  And heavy lifting - as though that were an issue!

I have continued my tranquillity - or should I say, my tranquillization - by treating myself to my accustomed afternoon strong, black coffee. The need to write propels me as always.  Mysteriously I fashion that somehow these trifling records of inactivity have value. It really doesn't matter in any event. Since I was fourteen years old I have been keeping a diary.  I am thus familiar with addiction. Ornamenting this obsession is the music of Jeff Beal (who famously composed the music for House of Cards). I have removed my new hearing aid from my right ear so I can employ the Apple AirPods which I find exceedingly delightful.  The AirPods (with wireless charging case) are the answer to our downsized residence - the avoidance of conflict between stereo and television. And like any headset the sound which is delivered is superlative compared to the best speakers.  Just one more triumph of technology, itself a rhapsody.

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