Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Transitioning from the American to the Canadian vernacular is not without its differences. Reawakening to the dissimilarities is as stimulating and as edifying as the study of comparative law, a lesson in the peculiarities which are nonetheless underpinned by profound likeness. Yet in spite of the elemental roots of the two cultures enhancing variances persist. It is most certainly a privilege to straddle the two nations howsoever ephemerally and superficially. In modest ways the distinctions insinuate one's sensitivities and strangely constitute a vigorous emergence. I confess the instinctual allegiance to my Canadian citizenship though as willingly I acknowledge the persuasion of changeable residency. In the end it is a race to the pinnacle of impressions and euphoria, one which I happily relinquish to matters of currency. Do we have any other choice?

Within mere hours of our return home late yesterday afternoon - below the steely grey clouds in the freezing rain and snow sleet - we escaped the pupal case and made visible from concealment the extraordinarily delicate inflections surrounding us. The collection of congenial aging men at the breakfast haunt this morning revived my enormous pride in the native talent.  I was moved as well by my own membership in this singular crowd, an association wrought in part by both professional endeavours and by social history. It is an absorption which comes only from natural affairs, a legitimacy and authenticity springing from acquaintance as pure as that of boyhood friendship. "Did you hear about Dave?", an enquiry necessitating no further explanation or expatiation.

The agenda of events began immediately upon our crossing the border yesterday.  We have already arranged the traditional foregathering at Temple's Sugar Bush for the springtime introduction to maple syrup, pancakes and bacon; and a resurgence of intelligence regarding friends, family and happenings. The sky today was a delightful frozen blue and white fluffy clouds. The roads were dry. The tires of the car were inflated to standard by the dealership; and a rewarding car wash followed to complete the refinement. Our subsequent retail deliberations met with similar success, augmenting our technical aptitude and childlike amusement in the latest devices and improvements. Our medical realities commenced as well, putting us on the road to whatever is possible for someone in their seventh or eighth decade - though fortified by an ambition to rebuff Nature's relentless advances.

The chore of grocery shopping was a complete victory in my mind!  The local grocer has seemingly escalated the quality of produce to an unsurpassable degree. My customary fare of fresh salmon and mixed raw vegetables doused with fresh lemon juice was a hit this evening! Earlier we had a similarly uplifting encounter at the local hardware store though I sadly recollected that its founder is no longer whinnying among us.

I have yet to put away all that we carted back home with us.  The high ranking paper work has been addressed; the routine filings can safely await another day or so.  My relatives called this evening from Florida to taunt us about the weather. We didn't diminish their quips by relating our absolute thrill to have recovered our home territory. It is a rapture echoed by Ludovico Einaudi, my latest toxic composer. As my energy is stimulated I venture into the detail of accomplishment, encouraged by the excellence of human creativity.

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