Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cleaning Day

Our cherished housekeeper attended today for her regularly scheduled visit. The precursory cathartic purge was in full swing by eight o'clock this morning. I proceeded immediately from the lair to the bathroom where first I cleansed myself then methodically removed from the counter and stored in the cabinet below or in one of the adjoining drawers each item of morning ritual and ablution (prescription pills, pain meds, eyeglass cleaner, mouthwash, dental floss, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, razor and stand, comb, hair product and skin cream).  The sleepwear and sleep mask were set aside for laundry.  In the dining room the W H Barlett placemats and napkins were hidden away. The Maldon salt cellar was perched on the bookcase.  In the kitchen the evidence of industry or humanity was removed and stored beneath the counters. All was in hotel readiness!

In deference to our celebration breakfast today was at the golf club.  But first we first drove to the pharmacy to confer regarding a glitch which had arisen last evening regarding our pending 6-month supply of prescription drugs. The pharmacist would contact the insurer directly to resolve the matter.  Then we landed at the local hardware store in search of a special tiny light for above the stove.  There was nothing in stock.  We decided to try Canadian Tire in Carleton Place.  No luck there either.  Undeterred we ventured further to Home Depot where we found what we required.  As we proceeded triumphantly to the golf club the pharmacist called to confirm an alternate supplier of the prescribed drug had been located and the insurer had been notified.  We were on a roll!

Our fortuity continued undiminished at the golf club when my elderly mother's physician called to respond to several questions I had recently posed about her health care and pain management.  The physician and I chatted at some length and came to interim decisions about what to do and what not to do.  Meanwhile the bacon this morning was exceptional, glistening with a trace of fat as though it were coated in gold foil! This evening a banquet is planned to mark the last of the club's regular "Men's Nights" as the course begins to wind down for another season. On our way out of the club house I rallied with an ancient friend and former business associate who gleefully informed me he turns 84 years of age next week!  The sun was shining all 'round!

Then we headed back home. Just before we regained our digs to clean our teeth and to collect stuff for delivery to my sister this evening (when we're scheduled to dine together), we spoke with my sister and brother-in-law on the telephone.  We and they exchanged intelligence about our respective current state of affairs, including naturally our health and the weather and whatever else seemed germane at the moment. Family enquiries have such a vitality!

For the next several hours before heading to the City for our dinner engagement we diverted ourselves by going to Neat CafĂ© in Burnstown for a drive and a restorative Cappuccino . We had no interest in going further abroad today as we are but a week away from our departure for the winter.  Soon we shall begin to pack the sedan in readiness for an early departure on the appointed day.  We have devoted ourselves for the past several days to consuming whatever remaining food we have in the apartment.  Our intention from here on is to avoid buying anything further, eating out when necessary.  To our surprise the time here is narrowing rapidly.  The long-awaited event is now almost upon us!  Today is the last time our housekeeper will conduct full cleaning of the apartment until prior to our return six months hence.  The ceremonial purge is almost complete! Soon we shall abandon all reminiscence of what is behind and dwell instead upon what is to come. Though it sounds unfathomable that people our age could imagine the possibility of rejuvenation, such is the mystery of life! I have even bought some new shorts and golf shirts to adorn my crumbling physique!

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