Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Extenuating Circumstances

Though we haven't any transgressions to palliate - nor in my opinion is there anything else in particular for which to make allowances - there nonetheless remains the matter of playing down the urgency of life.  For the past several days since our departure from Canada en route to Florida (where we shall spend the season) we've quite understandably been rather preoccupied with travel, dealing with traffic and hotels and finally getting settled at our new digs and acquainted with the people and circumstances here.  In retrospect it is all a bit of a blur frankly! In addition to getting a stock of groceries and household provisions, organizing the linens and closets, syncing our devices with WiFi in the apartment, lounge and by the pool, buying a printer/scanner, coffee maker and weigh scale (and figuring out how they all work), rearranging the furniture and cupboards to suit our needs, advising the estate agent of pre-existing repair issues, deciphering the light switches, trying out the grand piano, dealing with unexpected legal (estate administration) and banking matters (one of our credit cards was compromised), we even managed to get our annual flu shots at the local pharmacy.

When we returned to the apartment late this afternoon after having completed our second day of focused shopping (which included getting a water jug, water filter for the refrigerator, paper clips, bath mat, envelope and stamps and printer ink supplies) it was all I could do to haul myself down to the deck for a dip in the hot tub and pool. To my delight I was the only person there. No doubt the other denizens were already nursing their first evening cocktail as well they should!  I however had the privilege of not only unobtrusiveness but also aesthetics.  The late afternoon sun was illuminating the sea to spectacular advantage. Meanwhile the jets of the hot tub soothed my aching back (always a casualty of hauling luggage around for four days in a row) and the swim in the pool was utterly invigorating.

In keeping with my shameless restiveness I have already decided in my own mind that I would like to return here next year.  While this foresight may seem unnecessarily anxious it is routine for us to book our upcoming year's accommodation not much later than December of the current year. To my thinking this place has it all - comfortable residence and local environment, well-maintained building, beach access, nearby pier and beanery, gorgeous Ocean, grand piano in the lounge overlooking the sea, fitness room, friendly neighbours, professional and discrete staff, convenient indoor parking, easy access for carting things to and from the car, exquisite pool and hot tub and of course the marvellous weather.  I have felt from the moment we first landed on this place last year that it was a perfect synthesis of all we wanted and required. My opinion persists unaltered. I accept that often I settle for current circumstances as though nothing would ever again enlarge upon my rapture, but quite honestly I am prepared to compromise a robust posture for the pacifying pleasure of familiarity.  It's work getting used to new places, people and things!  Considering we spent seven years on Hilton Head Island it may now be time to contemplate a similar tenure here before we succumb to that proverbial itch once more.

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