Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Better tell Jeannie!

For want of a better description we are "snowbirds" from Canada. We sojourn in Florida over the winter in a condominium located on the beach of a tiny barrier island called Daytona Beach Shores. If I may be forgiven the cheek of weighing in upon the esoteric affairs of the condominium association where we reside, I am compelled to note the distinction of its concierge Jeannie B. who undeniably defines much of the delightful experience in this fine establishment. From the moment we were first introduced to the property over a year ago we were smitten by her knowledge and aplomb. To the credit of the condominium association Jeannie is aptly characterized as the frontline contact for the building, its residents and interlopers.

By degrees since we moved into our residence here on October 16th last we have been conditioned to capitulate to Jeannie upon almost every issue of habitation. It was she for example who conducted us upon our first tour of the building, including not only the apartment but also the garages, fitness room, lounge, swimming pool and related mundane facilities (garbage and postal service) and mechanisms (key and elevator operations). Since that inauguration Jeannie has overseen subsequent developments related to social events, routine pest control and window cleaning and general maintenance. She is a visible feature of the condominium vernacular where she regularly assists everyone from residents, guests, tradesmen, servicemen and couriers. Apart from her favour with the regular denizens Jeannie also inspires the affection of the resident canine community. Upon entering or leaving the lobby the dogs routinely scope Jeannie's desk for the possibility of treats.

It is impossible to dispute the authenticity of Jeannie B. Her purpose is calculated always towards resolution. She is a problem solver, not one to prevaricate. It is obviously a conviction of hers as apparent as her intention to look you straight in the eye. There is no obfuscation concerning her objectives. In the result Jeannie has no doubt unwittingly assumed the mantle of matron. It is no indiginity for the President of the Board of Directors to consult Jeannie upon almost any domestic matter concerning the operation of the building. Nor is it any small compliment to observe as well that Jeannie is an accomplished political operative, one who insofar as possibe seeks to diffuse an irritable circumstance.

It is my understanding that given the longevity of her tenure here, Jeannie is in the throes of preparing a manual relating to the operation of the building. This is tantamount to the wisdom of those who plant trees.  Though she may never see the fruition of her endeavour it is certain that the enterprise is one directed to tactical succession planning.  The capital of humans is their capacity and assiduity. Though my nexus with this particular building is destined to be ephemeral I nonetheless consider it a privilege to have been acquainted with such a stellar ornament as Jeannie B!

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