Monday, November 27, 2017


When we're in our southern winter habitat it isn't often I choose to spend the day doing anything other than cycling on the beach or lying in the sun. However we were expecting a delivery this morning between 9:45 - 11:45 am. Knowing this I resolved to sit tight for the morning to await its arrival.  As I prepared and ate my breakfast I pondered what I would do for the remainder of the day.  The weather was less than brilliant so that alone diluted my customary drive to be out-of-doors.  By degrees I was persuading myself to go for a drive in the car if for no other reason than to give my leg muscles a break from the routine of cycling. I find the repetitious exercise precipitates tightness in my lower limbs. Though I attempt moderate stretching it never really does the trick.  Parenthetically I am munching on turmeric every morning on the advise of my middle-aged hair stylist who assures me that it worked to eliminate her arthritis.  It is useless to canvass the supportive assurances which abound on the internet.  My stylist convinced me when she reiterated that she had tried everything from pain killers to glucosamine without improving results.  I figure, it's worth a try!

After the delivery men came and went and we completed the spin-off tasks, I went to the lounge overlooking the sea to play the piano.  The concierge and two workmen were there inspecting windows for repair.  It seemed obvious to me that they wouldn't object to my playing the piano.  In deference to them I restrained my usual violence on the keys but otherwise put in an enjoyable hour. From there I descended to the car in the garage, shook the dust from the front mats then headed to Dunlawton Avenue.  Shortly after I turned off S Atlantic Avenue onto Dunlawton Avenue I recalled there was a car wash along that route.  I located it through the GPS and headed there, about three miles further.

Splash Car Wash looks very much like any others we've encountered in the Confederate states - basically an oasis among palm trees, various entry paths for "full service" or "express exterior only", the automatic wash canyon, exit branches for final detailing where there are carts loaded with cloths and cleaning fluids, an interior and exterior waiting area with free WiFi and blaring television. Unusually one of the young workers consulted me to ask if there were anything special requiring attention. The service provided was exceptional.  The cost was slightly more than I have paid elsewhere - and the process took slightly longer - but the result was worth it.  I told one of the jockeys I thought I should buy them a house! He agreed.

Afterwards I headed north towards Ormand Beach just to relish the beautiful weather and the sparkling, clean car.  The sky had cleared to a dome of blue. I had all the windows open including the landau. As I swung back along S Atlantic Avenue along the Ocean towards the condo into the setting sun, there was a marked absence of traffic.  Apparently now that Thanksgiving has come and gone we can expect a lull until another crescendo at Christmas. The jaunt had a dreamy feel to it, softened by the warm air and late afternoon hues.  It was a blunt reminder that Florida's primary industry apart from oranges and space technology is tourism.

The icing on the cake today was a call from a dear friend at home.  She brought me up to speed on the unfolding events of her current personal dilemma and things are looking positive.  It is impossible not to be affected by the fortunes and misfortunes of one's friends.  When the rough waters become smooth even for a moment it soothes the frayed edges everywhere.

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