Monday, November 20, 2017

In the works!

Lingering in Florida next to the Atlantic Ocean for the winter is for the most part a lethargic enterprise. Whenever I have anything to do other than bicycle on the beach or swim in the pool, I sense a moderate imposition. The obtrusion could be something bordering on work or drudgery like grocery shopping, getting my teeth cleaned or - as I did today - having my hair cut (something I confess I actually relish though it is still an obligation).  In fact the day started with a commercial bang at eight o'clock this morning when Bruno arrived to examine the oven and outdoor barbecue, both of which have been malfunctioning more or less. In view of my haircut appointment at 1:00 pm I decided to forgo any attempt at an early morning bike ride - in spite of the glorious sunshine - and chose instead to take the car to Sparkle-N-Shine Car Wash in Ormond Beach.  Washing the car is also something I enjoy if the truth be known. It's a good thing I set aside over an hour for that particular project because, aside from the fact that it takes about 25 minutes to get there, when I arrived there was a line-up and the attendant asked whether I could spare 30 minutes (which I said I could).

On my way to Ormond Beach I also stopped at my favourite gas station near the city limit of Daytona Beach to fill the tank.  More work!  Filling the gas tank when getting the car washed is as much a part of my routine as dental flossing when brushing my teeth. Anyway after I took care of the car  and the gas I sailed down Ridgewood Ave to International Speedway Blvd before connecting to Volusia Mall. That is where my hair architect is located - on the second floor of Dillard's.  But before I presented myself at the reception of the Aveda hair salon I dipped into the men's department at Dillard's to buy a pair of short pants (slightly smaller waist size - hurrah!) and another Polo shirt (white).

My stylist is a grandmother (albeit an uncommonly young one) so I feel comfortable talking to her candidly. I told her I did not like the hair product she sold me on my previous (and first) visit because like most others it turns to cement when it dries. I also mentioned that I didn't want her to use the blow-dryer after cutting my hair because it just creates a lot of fluff.  After she finished I booked another appointment in about five weeks just shy of New Year's Eve. I should also note that she told me raw turmeric is the answer to arthritis.  I intend to buy some and give it a try.  What have I got to lose - I've tried everything else!

All this was accomplished by 1:30 pm.  It was a pleasant drive home.  I felt buffed and uplifted by my haircut. Tthe weather was favourable so I put down all the car windows and opened the roof.

When I regained the apartment it was empty.  I changed into my cycling togs and headed to the beach.  My quick check of the Tide Chart told me low tide was upon us and that there was a light wind from the east.  I resolved to head south into the declining sunshine.

The distance from our apartment in Daytona Beach Shores to Ponce Inlet is about five miles.  The end is marked by a rock pier and a lookout beyond which one can see New Smyrna Beach on the other side of the inlet.

Luckily for me on my return the easterly wind was sufficiently angled onto the beach to propel me speedily northward. When I arrived at the apartment I was treated to a jubilant reception.  We had received a favourable reply from our estate agent regarding the rental of a condominium unit for the 2018 - 2019 season. We have arranged to meet tomorrow afternoon to sign the contract and pay the deposit.  In the meantime we intend to maintain our scheduled meetings to view two other properties just so we're familiar with them.  But our current arrangement has caught our attention because of the fortuitous combination of the unit and the estate agent, a coalition which bodes well for this and future transactions.  As inclined as one may be to suggest that making these arrangements is no big deal, the fact is that we have expended considerable time, energy and money to get to this point.  While we might appear to be acting precipitously, nothing could be further from the truth.  The evolution of this matter transpired fully over the past three weeks during which we have been rather intent upon exploring a number of propositions beginning with the meeting with the estate agent in Ponce Inlet (which like many of the other encounters qualifies primarily as an educational experience only).

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