Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hang onto your hat!

Considering that for the past month and a half since our arrival on Daytona Beach Shores I've hardly stratched the surface of verifiable industry (assuming one doesn't count cycling on the beach or lounging by the pool) it must sound a stretch to suggest that I've had a hectic day. But that is precisely how I feel! From the moment of my awakening this morning before 6:30 am I've been going non-stop.  It is now almost 9:30 pm and I am just coming up for air. As usual I resort to the cathartic relief of a memorandum to get myself in line once again.

For starters I came down with a cold last evening.  I began feeling a constant chill.  Fortunately I escaped a prolonged sore-throat period and moved directly into the sneezing, coughing and sniffling stage which historically means the worst of the cold is over, at least the most painful phase. Though you would think I'd do the proper thing and rest in bed this morning, there were two competing features.  One - and this more than anything matters in my book - the weather was expected to be warm and sunny.  I have to be in an exceedingly deleterious condition before I forgo the pleasure of a stellar day.  Second - we were expecting a visit from a tradesman around noon to repair several small items in the apartment.  Right or wrong I felt the necessity to get out of bed and out of the apartment because I knew some of the work he had to do was in my water closet (which in turn entailed that I must stash away much of my toiletries to afford him some counter space for his tools or whatever he brought along with him).  But as I say, it was primarily the weather.

So succumbing to this collection of primal motivations I began my day in earnest. I showered and perched in the dining room at my usual seat at one end of the table, overlooking the Ocean and the glittering rising sun, munching on my breakfast and sipping coffee. I cannot now recall what it was that distracted me for hours - such is the life of an indolent - but suddenly the telephone was ringing, announcing the imminent arrival of the contractor.  Just to back up for a moment I feel compelled to itemize how my time had been consumed throughout the morning. I had spoken with my mother as usual (and reported accordingly to my sister). I engaged in a highly animated - and admittedly drawn out - conversation with a dear friend at home.  She is undergoing an especially stressful period in her life and I couldn't but think that engaging her in some therapeutic story-telling was a good thing. Frankly her account this morning was so singluarly creative and thoroughy entertaining that it prompted me once again to encourage her to write (though I doubt she ever will). This is not the first time she has proven her incomparable ability to capture the most remarkable images!

Though of lesser strength and import  my partner and I endured the settlement of some flapdoodle surrounding the mis-delivery of a UPS package of new light bulbs for the overhead stove cover. Likely I had also checked various banking and investment accounts (as is my daily wont) and reviewed and answered several emails (one of which I now recall was from my solicitor concerning a small estate administration matter).  Whatever it was that I did, the noon hour was soon upon us.

It was the work of a moment to get me out of the apartment.  I collected my apartment keys, took some more pain killers for my arthritis, donned my sunglasses and was out the door!  Indeed so great was my inertia on my bike that at first I overshot my normal exit from S Atlantic Avenue onto the beach.  I debated about continuing onto the next approach but decided against doing so because of the very fine weather. No point frittering away even one moment of dazzling sunshine on the beach!

The midday heat was a thrill!  It is an undisputed advantage of bicycling that one enjoys the relieving benefit of some wind. I fully suspect that the prevailing winds were at my back which naturally propelled me along the beach rather comfortably.  I arrived at Ponce Inlet in about 45 minutes.  Unlike Thanksgiving Weekend (which had just passed) there were very few people on the rock pier at Ponce Inlet.  The view of the Ocean from the pier invited closer attention.  I managed to take a couple of very amateur videos as I cycled along the pier out to sea.

Initially I had thought to repose at a picnic table near the park entrance but there were already a couple of cyclists there doing the identical thing.  So after amusing myself with some further photography I headed back to the beach to retrace my path homeward.

By this time the tide was beginning to encroach significantly upon the passable portion of the beach.  I therefore decided to leave the beach at the nearest access and join the sidewalk through Ponce Inlet and Wilbur-by-the-Sea to the apartment. The broad, smooth sidewalks are themselves a pleasure to traverse.  I was home around 2:30 pm.  I went directly to the pool where I continued lounging in the sun until approaching 4:00 o'clock.

Upon returning to the apartment I received the news of all that had transpired during my absence.  All was good.  We determined to leave almost immediately to go to Boondock's Restaurant for an early dinner al fresco adjacent the Halifax River.  As usual the meal there was nonpareil, Conch chowder, oysters, shrimp and Mahi-mahi.

Whether it was the nourishing meal or the late afternoon sunshine or both, after dinner I was anxious to go to the local grocery store to pick up a few items I needed.  Driving the car in the early evening here is a distinct pleasure.  The evening sky mixed with the glow of street lamps provides a delightful experience.

So that is the end of my little day.  It is now about 10:45 pm and I feel as though I deserve my rest!

I Went to a Marvellous Party
by Noël Coward

Quite for no reason
I'm here for the Season
And high as a kite
Living in error
With Maud at Cap Ferrat
Which couldn't be right
Everyone's here and frightfully gay
Nobody cares what people say

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