Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Endless Indicia

Upon awakening this morning I checked the weather app on my iPhone. So I knew then that rain was predicted. It began as forecast around 9:00 o'clock, violently thrashing against the apartment windows, suddenly darkening the sky to the point of invisibility and making abnormal noise. I sat alone at the dining room table eating my steel-cut oats, listening to Gustave Mahler and reading the latest issue of Country Life. Occasionally I took screen shots of exotic coastal resorts and emailed them to my vagabond friend and fellow-Sybarite.

I had determined to go shopping for groceries this morning so there was no rush to get to the beach. Already I wore my aquamarine coloured shorts from WestMarine® and a white Polo shirt (my "dressing up" mode for replenishing the larder).  But the sterling silver ring was different, the Links of London item which I bought years ago at Holt Renfrew in Montreal - the "three ring motif which honours our philosophy Love London Life". The silver colour I reckoned would work with my Road ID bracelet when I went bicycling later.

By the time we returned to the condo from Publix the sky had cleared magnificently. I hastened to get on my bike and head to Bayfront Park. Along the way I caught myself groaning with utter satisfaction once again.  The entire experience was astonishingly lovely.  Even my Canadian friends (two Canada geese munching as usual aside the golf course) seemed reluctant to leave.

Bayfront Park was serene. The view was unique again today. As I sat upon the bench facing Sarasota Bay the searing afternoon heat penetrated my soul. These are indeed the halcyon days!

The beach was empty except for Ricky Madden.  He and I are of one mind when it comes to sunshine and the sea. Later we swam in the sea among the roaring waves, fighting the strong undercurrent towards the sandbar, savouring the salt water and the buoyancy. It was pushing six o'clock before we went ashore and abandoned the beach.

Now for the fruits - and fish and veggies - of my labour!

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