Thursday, March 28, 2019

It had to end

You can't expect to be perpetually removed from the sometimes displeasing episodes of life. It's just not possible. Eventually the sinews tighten. Considering the length of time lately I've been immersed in a bubble of rapture - and given the minimal nature of today's gritty sand - I haven't cause for complaint. The adjustment has nonetheless triggered  distracting introspection and bothersome backscattering. It amazes me how ill-prepared I am to cope as though I justifiably expected unending idealism.

The secret to handling the irritant is two-fold:  deal with it; then rise above it.  It really doesn't matter what the cause. Whether it were substantive or trivial is irrelevant. It annoys one. If you prang your car, no point stammering. Acknowledge the dent, then get it fixed. Give the problem to people who are the experts.  Don't pretend to decipher the proper course of action. It is unbecoming to trespass upon professionalism.

As convincing as that may sound it required a degree of stamina to regain my balance after this morning's initial encounter. My philosophy of duty and performance (what some might dismissively call obsession - and perhaps rightly so) eventually realigned my habits and slowly began the transformation from abrasion to smoothness.

Today's bicycle ride was largely a matter of rote without the benefit of the customary marvel. The physical impact triumphed and rendered its softening feature, reducing the mind-body dichotomy.

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