Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Idle Afternoon

Listening to Holst "The Planets, Op. 32: II. Venus, the Bringer of Peace" is remarkably pacifying, even soulful. It is the perfect complement to a dull Tuesday afternoon on the Gulf of Mexico. The day has thus far been uniquely dedicated to a measure of duty and obligation, quite unlike the customary agenda of bicycling, sunbathing and swimming. First was a scheduled 30-minute "On-line Session" with an Apple representative (who called from the Pacific Northwest) exploring some of the lesser-known features of my newly acquired Sixth Generation iPad. Then there was by contrast a wearisome communication regarding our upcoming winter sojourn to resolve next year's contract negotiations with the estate agency to which the rental portfolio has lately been transferred. Finally there was an interlude of percussion arising from a failed attempt to "gift" some music on-line to acquaintances.

Apart from the gift issue, the limitless access to Apple Music has uplifted me no end.  Awaiting in the wings I have the Bradenburg Concertos Nos. 1 - 6. Browsing the Apple Music library is an exercise reminiscent of visiting old friends, motivated by the same hopeful curiosity to relive former adventures and sentimentalities. The peerlessness of the music is an endorsement of life, promoting a favourable bent to all its usual exigencies.

We drove to Bradenton Beach to scope the property management office of the new estate agent. Like our initial telephone calls to the estate agency, the office was closed for business.  It wasn't however until later today that we received a helpful call from the agency, whom we have no doubt was fired up by our earlier plaintive call to the former agency. We were relieved to be informed that our erstwhile estate agent will continue to handle our file under the new corporate association.

Already the promise of wall-to-wall sunshine tomorrow is looking more and more inviting! It was fortuitous today that the weather conspired against me, acquitting me of the normal frustration I have when forced to abandon my exercise and beach habits. We perfected our absolution by shopping for groceries at Publix, invariably a pleasing performance.  The need for our standard provisions is commensurately waning as our day of departure incrementally approaches. I fully anticipate that the process of departure will accelerate day by day. There is no urgency to leave because I am confident that the weather will be in our favour. The more I swim in the salt sea water, the better!

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