Friday, June 28, 2019


Over fifty years ago I was told by a friend's father - a medical physician - about a makeshift device from which he hung to stretch and relieve his spine. At the time the intelligence was a curiosity only. Some twenty years afterwards  - when the impact of high school football, repetitive cycling and prolonged sitting at university and law school had begun to insinuate my being and to show their repercussions - one of my more free-thinking clients referred me to a chiropractor for what had developed as chronic lower back pain.  On my client's advice I consulted a chiropractor in nearby Carleton Place; the chap has since retired and we now see one another only occasionally at the golf club.  The introduction began what has become a lifetime acquaintance with the art and profession. Recently however my frequency of visits to a chiropractor has been interrupted while I recover from broken ribs suffered when my heart abruptly stopped over a year ago while bicycling on the beach in Florida. During the same time the pain in my back has increased and begun to radiate both down my legs and up my back. I believe my condition has been exacerbated by continued daily bicycle rides throughout the year - using always the same muscles - as we have taken to removing ourselves southward annually for six months from October through to April. Today - on the recommendation of my dentist (who had severe back problems) and after my second attendance upon Chris Hashimoto, DC - I am walking and feeling better than I have for a very long time. The chiropractor clearly knows what he is doing; his particularity and patent talent have paid off to my enormous and decidedly uplifting advantage. The further good news is that his local office is nearby at 500 Ottawa Street in Almonte next to Levi Home Hardware.

Unquestionably the ruling favour is that Dr. Hashimoto has seemingly begun to cure my dilemma.  There is however an even more profound result; and that is that he has done what the medical profession (general, spine and neuropathy) were unable to do. I have been examined by spinal surgeons in both Canada and the United States of America over the past two years.  Both concluded that while there was evidence of disc degeneration (something not unexpected when advancing into the eighth decade) and while surgery may help, neither did anything further to improve my well-being.  The physician studying neuropathy was essentially mystified by my complaints and could only suggest an MRI for which I have been waiting for over a year as yet without progress notwithstanding having alerted him about the delay. Interestingly today Dr. Hashimoto blandly observed that in his opinion my problem is largely mechanical. He performed a number of unique manipulations, including application of a motorized device to my upper back and rudimentary reverse knee bends (mildly painful but extremely effective) which parenthetically were never recommended by the people at the hospital where I have previously attended for physiotherapy.

In the meantime - until today's awakening event - I have pointed myself in every imaginable direction to try on my own to relieve my constant and increasing pain including medicinal marijuana, hemp CBDs and alternate concoctions of arthritic pain killers (of which Celebrex is perhaps the most noted). Apart from Dr. Hashimoto's aids in the past week, nothing else has worked even remotely. My amateur speculation about arthritis, neuropathy and sciatica has in an instant dissolved into the more workable alchemy of Dr. Hashimoto!

Though I certainly don't now predict a complete alteration or improvement, my circumstances have nonetheless changed dramatically in comparatively short order.

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