Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Snap out of it!

Going back in time is mildly entertaining, no doubt, but it can be wasteful.  It may even trumpet the beginning of the end, a prospect I'd prefer to ignore for the moment. Most of what I derive from the past is melancholy - people who have gone, events that transpired out of reach, distorted memories. More meaningfully the sorting of one's debris from physical or metaphysical drawers is plainly distracting.  I am hard pressed to attach serious value to anything in the past other than what it affords in the present. This is not to diminish the undeniable chemistry of historical events but rather to emphasize the urgency of what follows. We must play upon the strengths that exist not the punishment of our losses.

The talent of survival is to push ahead not to push back. It is our social objective. We owe it as much to others as we do to ourselves. The only way we'll succeed to surmount the desolate sadness which so often accompanies the past is to snap our fingers at it and move on! Really, what are the alternatives? I have enough belief in the instinctive thirst of humanity for well-being to accommodate whatever difficulties may prevail. Why make the ambition more difficult by pretending to contradict Nature? Our elemental goal is achievement not failure.

One only needs to examine a flower alongside the road to discover the majesty of life!  There is nothing complicated about it. Nor must we build castles in the sky. If we're unable to see the magic of what is before us, we've already missed the boat. Time to turn about, go in another direction.  To imagine that some future event will consummate our spirit is misguided and dangerous.

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