Monday, June 17, 2019

Ice Pack

After having applied considerable heat to our agenda for the past two months following our return to terra firma, it is more than a bit relieving at last to forego the pressures of obligation and uncertainty such as  have primarily and routinely attended a multitude of medical attendances upon the learned members of the provincial universal health care system. The capitulations to medical necessity naturally accompany a commensurate decline with aging. Nature has knowingly relieved us of mandatory service in order to permit us - thus unobstructed - to address other less wholesome duties.  I now readily concur with those who with gathering frequency comment upon my evident declension - usually manifested in a cumbersome walk - as though suffering either incapacity or injury (both of which I suppose are true).

With the End more plainly approaching day by day I have accordingly heightened my resolve to consume all of what remains with gusto. It is annoying to awaken daily to perpetual neuropathy and spinal decay; but once the handful of pills kicks into gear - and the excessively black coffee is drunk - I am enabled at least to pretend to function normally. My innate haughtiness permits me to ignore the slurs of the amateur physicians. There continues to insinuate our regular custom those worthy habits of bicycling, the golf club for breakfast, driving the car (and washing it naturally), dedication to raw vegetables, fresh fruit and salmon, minimal shopping, and - until today when our patience expired with a local "mom and pop" establishment - manis and pedis.

I very much doubt that I shall succeed to crystallize all the annoyances of life but there is no question that several of the lingering contaminants from the previous six months have been met.  Some have been rectified and settled; others are en route to determination.  Nothing currently remains entirely uncertain - though certainly more is planned for the month of August.

Nonetheless the disruption is at an end.  We have as well the glory of the Atlantic Ocean to anticipate - and perhaps a singular reunification with a very old friend. As a form of pathetic fallacy the weather has suddenly ignited a summer season.  After all the rain we've endured, everything is beyond verdant and healthful. Our fervour is reflected in the recently discovered trails along the abandoned railway line crossing the local Townships of Beckwith, Ramsay and Pakenham.

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