Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Greek Gods

God of trade, thieves and trickery; goddess of love, pleasure and passion. Hermes and Aphrodite. Mercury and Venus.  Not at all an unlikely combination.  Though Hermaphrodite - the androgynous product of their union - might not have been so readily predicted. What seemingly preserves the Greek mythology from complete ruin is the blend of oratory and beauty, pointedly traits not unfamiliar to the Catholic church for example.

The stimulation of our historical view of beauty is predominantly intellectual or what is traditionally denominated as poetry and art. Occasionally the two dip into controversial renditions, legally distinguished as smut or sensibility - how we appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences. There is a pervasive allure of ardour and intellect, perhaps reflecting youth and age, the extremes of life.

Whether it is poetry or art, mythical or real, appetite or composition, the common feature is expression. How each of us chooses to do so is what makes us different and unique. We are not mere productive machines with one purpose (though at times the prohibition against doing otherwise is shocking). I cannot however overlook the massive impact of breeding and upbringing. The particular corral in which we're harboured will affect us. The objective isn't of necessity wicked though the result may be. We mustn't fail to look over the railings beyond.

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