Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Bike Ride

It should not surprise me that my initial enthusiasm exceeded my subsequent capacity!  Granted riding the new bicycle was an instant thrill - but the moderately prolonged activity soon reminded me of the oppressive heat and my escalating age.  Whew!  Even on the sea level straightaways it was an engagement not for the pusillanimous. The superiority of the new bike over a normal rental number is unassailable. Once again the decision to purchase a bike this year instead of renting one exemplifies the high regard I have in general for this particular resort, consistent in my opinion with the top gear standards of everything else.

I began my adventure by going northward towards Bay Isle Parkway and finally to Bayport Beach and Tennis Club. Never made it as far as the bike shop.  Thankfully I had the foresight to turn around and head back home. In total I was gone at least 1½ hours which I figure qualifies for somewhere around seven miles. My proposal in the future is to wander in and out of the laneways which intersect the Gulf of Mexico Drive.  Doing so will enhance discovery without putting me beyond the limits of my compass.

There are several hidden but easily accessible paths onto the beach. The views onto Sarasota Bay on the east side of the barrier island are competitive.

Knowing my penchant for excess - and the collateral damage arising from too much sunshine - I sheltered under the magnolia trees on my return ride. Nonetheless I felt compelled afterwards to go to the pool for a refreshing swim (and naturally a bit more sunshine).  These magical days are already speeding by!  This evening we intend to visit a local fish shack on the water for dinner.

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