Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Oasis of Refreshment

As much as I might prefer to avoid the characterization of a hopeless addict, the frozen truth is that I am uncommonly comfortable with habit.  This is especially so when I have succeeded to adjust to conventions which I find both healthful and beautiful. In my present circumstances it is undeniable that the amenability of which I speak is no accident, a triumph which exponentially adds to both the pleasure and the propensity. Granted my congenital dislike of novelty buttresses what some might call my narrowness of practice. I on the other hand rationalize the foible as a ready willingness to embrace what by and large is a good thing - without the necessity to prosecute tireless alternatives and wistful objectives.

This self-proclaimed facility with adequacy happily begins from the moment of my awakening. Apart from the infrequent obligation to buy groceries (which is actually a pleasant enough duty here), the agenda of the day demands little more than the morning ablutions, slicing an apple or orange and making a pot of strong black coffee. The only other necessity is to remov the clear plastic cover from the container of the Savannah Bee Company honeycomb - an exquisite complement to the matutinal launch. Steeled by such a Spartan though highly agreeable start, I thereafter hasten to get myself onto my Sun bicycle cruiser and expiate any guilt of lethargy which may have accumulated overnight.

In keeping with my bias for uniformity (if I may dignify the repetition as such) I immediately align myself with the broad sidewalk on the Gulf of Mexico Drive just beyond the gates of where we hang our hats.  The view instantly includes a collection of compounds and resorts on either side of the two-lane road which travels the length the barrier island from Sarasota in the south to Anna Maria Island at the north.

Though I begin with gusto it isn't long before I contemplate my first rest along the way.  The Bayfront Park is such an oasis, almost unseen from the road but easily accessible, providing park benches, washrooms and extraordinary views of Sarasota Bay.

Longboat Key is so narrow that it is simple to bounce from the Gulf side to the Bay side of the barrier island.

The walkways and facilities in each of the stops en route are all perfectly maintained. There is even WiFi connection at Bayfront Park.

The temperature today reached about 85℉ under crystal blue skies.  Though there is some welcome shade on the sidewalks along the way, predominantly the effect is heat and sun.  By the time I had reached the 5000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive I was ready to turn back.

Upon returning to home base I parked my bicycle and headed to the pool for a bit of relaxation and a refreshing swim.

The beach is mere steps away if one prefers sand and sea.  This final act of the day is the prelude to an evening meal of fresh fish and vegetables.  Tomorrow I hope to do the same thing again.

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