Friday, October 12, 2018

Courtyard® Marriott, Hagerstown, MD

It isn't often an avowed curmudgeon such as I willingly confesses the subtleties of youth.  Yet the casual acquaintances at Courtyard® Hagerstown earlier this evening provoked such singularity. I feel compelled as a matter of record - and deserved recognition to those of whom I speak - to itemize the particulars. The keenness of these youth deserves the praise of this old trout. Perhaps it is an admission of the passing of the sword from us to them, from one generation to another, from the past to the present.  The frozen truth may even be that there are others in this world who are as perfect as you and I!

Permit me to begin by laying but a preliminary backdrop. We left Canada this morning en route to Florida for an habitual six-month winter sojourn. Normally the destination is understandably our sole preoccupation; and in any event we hadn't much forecast of any particularly illuminating or improving events (other than the seasonal views) along the way.  We have long ago abandoned the necessity to linger in the likes of the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, now preferring instead as a matter of plain pragmatism to stick to less exotic berths on our direct path.  It was this temperament that drew us to the Courtyard® Hagerstown Marriott today.

I will cut to the chase.  Apart from an exceedingly agreeable reception at the front desk by Jhané and Katie - to both of whom we are willingly indebted for their fortuitous welcome - I was smitten by the unanticipated delight of the food at the bistro. The tomato soup (which parenthetically I learned was prepared this morning by the cook Alicia) was nonpareil! As was the cob salad thereafter and the fruit salad for dessert. The meal was the Sacrament of Heaven from beginning to end!  Lest the persuasion appears to be utterly gastronomic (though admittedly no small compliment) I hasten to add that both Alicia and her cohort Tyra (behind the counter) surpassed all expectation by contributing enthusiastically to the defeat of our initial hunger pangs by discussing with us a variety of proposals from a flatbread concoction to a rudimentary grilled cheese.  And when I threatened to go not only up to the trough but into it, Alicia judiciously cautioned that the cob salad was large and likely adequately sustainable without the addition of meatballs or any other superfluous side. I crawl in the face of her acuity!

Should you care to know, the bedroom suite, the parking and the general amenities of the hotel are unquestionably convenient. Excellent, accessible WiFI; ready availability of places (in and out of the room) to charge devices; large bathroom, safe tub floor, plentiful, hot and soft shower water, practical lighting throughout (and the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner were a nice touch); comfortable bed and workable air conditioning and fan control; quiet; and, usable luggage rack.  A decided ten all told!

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