Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fish Shack

Not everything here has been without its rough edges - though admittedly the inconveniences have been paltry by most standards.  The refrigerator for example has been on the fritz since our arrival. Today the property manager sent a technician to look at it.  He messed with the innards and advised we leave the doors closed for the next 24 hours.  This meant we were obliged to dine out this evening. It turns out to have been a blessing in disguise.  We went to Mar Vista in Manatee County at the north end of the Island.

The restaurant appealed to us because it advanced two features we specifically enjoy - casual ambiance and fresh food. We were perched immediately adjacent Sarasota Bay at a metal table on the sandy shore overlooking the harbour.

We were quick to place our order - a dozen oysters on the half shell, a cup of French onion soup (with beef bouillon) and fresh grouper and golden tile with seasonal vegetables (forget the rice).  When we enquired about the provenance of the oysters it pleased us to hear they were from Prince Edward Island (the large Floridian oysters are inferior in our opinion).  We were however dismayed to discover upon the arrival of the oysters that there were only 11 on each platter.  It struck us as an odd peculiarity that both platters suffered the identical indiscretion; and frankly it momentarily soured our disposition.  The waiter - without much fuss or moment - subsequently brought us two additional oysters with his apologies.  The oysters were excellent in spite of the novelty of their service.  The onion soup was more than acceptable.  And the fresh fish and vegetables (with a pumpkin purée) were nonpareil. I resisted dessert (I would have had the Key Lime pie if I had chosen anything) but I am told the bread pudding drenched in caramel sauce with ice cream was superb.

Once again Longboat Key has succeeded to surpass expectation.  When we drove back to the apartment we were pleased as well that the remote gate opener is now working properly (previously it hadn't functioned correctly but the concierge perfected it after some fussing). We've been here just over 72 hours; and it appears we have successfully surmounted the temporary challenges of insinuation.

Meanwhile we're in the throes of preparing a sojourn to Key West in early December.  Our intention is to take the catamaran (Key West Express) from Fort Myers rather than drive through the Keys (as we have done twice before). We're at some risk of joining a rambunctious crowd but seafaring in normally pleasurable. And we're assured another terrific meal at Louis' Backyard in Key West.

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