Saturday, July 27, 2019

Anatomy of a Murder

It is an odd coincidence this afternoon that while revisiting my law school days of 49 years ago I watched an old black and white movie which has been proclaimed as one the most authentic legal films ever made. Apparently it has been used as an educational device for law students. Its critical demonstration of legal analysis and difficulty made the film curiously unique especially when compared to the many other Hollywood courtroom dramas (with the possible exception of Witness for the Prosecution). It is not my regular habit either to watch TV or films; but when I do succumb to the diversion the choice is active and selective. This film captured my delight with the avoidance of gratuitous violence and the preposterous promotion of guns. It also inspired reason and uncertainty.

Our day opened with considerably less drama. Our first stop was the dining room trough for the breakfast buffet. Apart from the usual fare of fruit, eggs and bacon I treated myself to toast with butter and peanut butter. We then began the expiation of our gastronomic guilt by walking along the waterfront and wending our way through the crowds at the Farmers Market. The baked goods were especially threatening!

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