Saturday, July 20, 2019

Get out the heavy stuff!

The suitcases we have are reliable. The development of technology has inspired newer devices than our now predictable garments.  Only this morning as we sailed homeward along the ribbon of highway from Renfrew County (where we had languished nearby the Madawaska River al fresco for a highly agreeable smoked salmon Benedict, espresso coffee, breakfast cookie and chocolate/peanut butter square) I mentioned I mightn't bring my iPad to the Atlantic Coast.

The best equipment for any journey is accommodation. Fretting about what one intends to pack and bring along invariably proves to be wasted effort. I always cart more than I wear - either because the weather or circumstances are different than anticipated; or I end seeing something in a store that inspires me. A more critical examination attends my chosen trinkets - which can include eye glasses, key chains, pocket knives, watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Essentially they are portable items which I have grown to identify as indicia of a Nomadic spirit; and they have the same ingrained appeal, perhaps even an unwritten narrative and emblematic purpose especially when far from home and other identities.

Discretion counts in these matters.  It may even capture an instinctive feature of primitive hunting skills depending on the scope of one's intended designs. The communication from the rocky shore of the Atlantic Ocean to the vast sky above may not command an agenda but there is an opportunity not to be overlooked.  I have in the past seen glimmers of gold in the grey sand of a wintry beach.

We haven't any particular ambition other than to spend our time doing what we wish to do. This is by no means guaranteed. Like so many other insights it isn't so much what you do as what you don't. After a lifetime and career of sometimes dedicated voracity for achievement, estranging oneself from the confines of sociability and purpose is like stepping off the edge of a precipice.

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