Thursday, July 4, 2019

Fresh field strawberries!

Another sweltering summer day! The temperature easily reached 92℉ under a predominantly azure dome with a light southerly breeze. My late-morning bicycle ride was however irritated by the wide-winged nuisance flies which persisted along the old railway trail. The daemonic level of battle between me and the flies escalated to complete inutility on my part. At times I must have made a comic display thrashing my arms about. My psychotic resolve is to avoid the trail until the current proliferation is exhausted either by the ravenous birds or Nature's ephemeral expectancy. Bug repellent doesn't appeal to me.

The heat apparently affected others too.  On my ritual drive to the city this afternoon there were many overwrought drivers exhibiting signs of intemperance likely caused by the hot air and closeness. It was a reminder why I generally avoid two-lane highways when traveling any distance. Thankfully I know from experience that our upcoming jaunt to the Maritimes can be thus categorized. We intend to cling to the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River as far east as possible to by-pass Maine before swinging into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. To be clear we cannot dip into the United States of America for tax reasons only - having already expended our allowable 180-day sojourn for the current period.

Beckwith Berries - our local fresh fruit supplier - has a roadside stand in Carleton Place.  The strawberries are superb!  I bought a large basket this afternoon and devoured many of the berries this evening. Nothing like it for a summer treat!

"Ontario's cool spring has done wonders for strawberry plants," said Tom Heeman, Chairman of the Berry Growers of Ontario. "There really is no comparison to the taste and flavour of a true local Ontario strawberry, and this year they will be in great supply. Enjoy the taste of summer with the first fruits of the season!" More than 1,900 acres of field strawberries are harvested in Ontario each year. Strawberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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