Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fortune Smiles

The normally disparate spheres of the ethereal and the terrestrial today harmoniously conjoined.  The heavenly magic of a summertime dinner at the country residence of an ancient friend fortuitously complemented the mildly chilling arrangement earlier this afternoon of our granite burial monument at the Auld Kirk cemetery. The two undertakings serendipitously arose within twenty-fours on one another, quite unexpectedly but the spontaneity proved remarkably refreshing.  The authors of the respective events are by no accident regularly celebrated for their gusto and determination. Carpe diem is no stranger to either of them!

With accustomed modesty our host had heralded the meal as one designed to be of the simplest order. Nothing could have been further from the truth! The complications of the various courses - quite apart from their unquestionable singularity (sautéed octopus and crusty baguette, mixed leafy greens with a perfectly contrived vinaigrette, fresh garlic scape pesto on bowtie pasta and homemade ice cream with fresh fruit) - afforded dynamic taste sensations from start to finish.  Before tucking in we had energized our appetites by swimming in the pool.

For the various courses we transitioned between the cedar deck overlooking the meadow and the large oak dining table in the country kitchen. The intimacy of the foregathering enabled us to dwell meaningfully upon family affairs, current ambitions, ruling trivialities and occasional historic reminiscences. It was a most agreeable way to align the edacious focus with the earlier attention to cosmic departure; and a poignant reminder of the imperative to seize the moment.

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