Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Back on my perch!

If you count our detours to Shédiac and Fredericton, NB we easily drove 3,500 kms during our week-long visit to the Maritimes. The statistic is irrelevant except that it is one of my many obsessions to record such detail. There is some pertinence in that it documents having motored over 12,000 kms since taking possession of the car less than three months ago on May 6th last.

We gleefully rejoiced in the smooth performance of the vehicle throughout the trip - including the survival of the many potholes characteristic of the Québec roads along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.  Shamefully we remarked the recent loss of two front tires by our friend in his Rolls Royce Wraith when returning from a dinner engagement in Montréal - reportedly the result of some obscure highway debris.  The new wheels were over $1,500 and he and his guest had to be chauffeured home to await the flatbed delivery of the vehicle for installation of the new tires. It makes one question the utility of a handmade luxury grand tourer.

Our post-vacation recapitulation inspired me to consider the value of remaining closer to home in the future.  While I enjoy short hauls and temporary diversion, I dislike becoming needlessly exhausted. One forgets how vast Canada is. This made me think about Lake Rosseau in Muskoka where we've previously frequented the JW Merriott Resort & Spa. As to be expected the place comes alive in the summer with the tourists from the Toronto region; but the dining is superb, the spa is excellent, the pool is ideal and it is possible to arrange the services of a private boating outing.  All this in addition to the relative proximity of the venue - about 4 hours of a leisurely and agreeable predominantly rural jaunt from here.

Meanwhile we're readjusting to all the customary trivialities of domestic life. And the Democratic Presidential debates! For now the past is off my Bucket List.

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