Wednesday, May 1, 2019

All a question of attitude!

It never occurs to me to imagine where I might live or what I might do. Like any other current reality of mine, it is not a topic of debate. More to the point I long ago resolved that the present state of my affairs is precisely what I would wish for. This has ever been the case - wherever I happened to be or whatever I was doing at the time. You can put it down to bloodymindedness or complacency if you will, but I prefer to view it as a model of adjustment.  It is a posture which over time has proven itself both reliable and completely satisfactory. Naturally I have the advantage of logic as well the inescapable detail of fact. Make no mistake however, the compelling feature is its acceptability.

I might think differently had I not had the opportunity to see some of the world.  Though I am far from an international vagabond I have at least regarded ancient cultures from a mountain top; I have swum in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Baltic Sea; I have traveled to the Arctic and northern Russia; I have experienced "staff" and eaten horse meat and escargot; I've ridden a mule and been driven in a Rolls Royce; I have cavorted with celebrities and social inferiors. What sustains me throughout is the conviction that it couldn't get any better.

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