Friday, May 3, 2019

Everything happens for a reason

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott OM RA (9 November 1880 - 8 February 1960) was an English architect known for his work on the Cambridge University Library, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, Battersea Power Station and designing the red telephone box. Scott came from a family of architects.  He is noted for his blending of Gothic tradition with modernism, making what might otherwise have been functionally designed buildings into popular landmarks. The red telephone box, a telephone kiosk for a public telephone, is a familiar sight on the streets of the United Kingdom, Malta, Bermuda and Gibraltar.

The red telephone box was voted one of Britain's top 10 iconic designs which included the Mini, Supermarine Spitfire, London tube map, World Wide Web, Concorde and the AEC Routemaster bus. It is but another example of the enormous influence of art upon everyday life. The recent conflagration of Notre-Dame de Paris punctuates the observation. Property is forever an attraction in spite of its instant exposure to decay and decline.

In light of the indescribable achievement of some people it is a wonder that those of us left swimming in the shoal of fish retain any significance whatsoever. I have at least succeeded to heighten my view of life by the constant admiration of those singular results. It hardly smacks of prescience to acknowledge that Apple products will soon be recognized among the universal symbols. The clever artistic allure cannot be distanced from the technical brilliance of the devices, rather like attempting to explain the mind-body dichotomy.

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