Monday, May 27, 2019


This morning as I cycled along "la route précise", repeating the task I so unabashedly perform almost every day, the thought occurred to me that there are some my age who persist to go to work everyday. Briefly I pondered the possibility that I too could work on occasion and still make time for bicycling in order to maintain my health. The idea didn't however gather steam.  Not because I am inclined to lethargy but because I'm not convinced I have the capacity to work.  Or - more particularly - to think clearly enough. The longer I remove myself from professional duty the more I am inclined to devalue my ability to address the associated necessities. I have also acquired a growing admiration for those learned minds who propel society forward. Perhaps it is my own awakening deterioration which augments the superiority of others.

There is no fear that I am about to elevate myself by assuming broader or greater obligations. While I wouldn't characterize this dubious resolve by suggesting I am enjoying a well-deserved latitude from the customary challenges of living, neither will I deny there is an element of smugness which promotes my effective stagnancy. On purely existential terms I am satisfied to address my on-going and seemingly burgeoning medical concerns as sufficient legitimacy for my terrestrial being at the moment. No doubt it aids my complacency to know that today I have overcome a hurdle of a specific nature which in turn obviates a number of others which were lately on the horizon.  For this I have to thank at least three members of the medical profession:  one, my erstwhile physician who directed me to a general surgeon; two, that general surgeon who referred me to a laparoscopic specialist. With the commendable assistance of this latter gentleman we are today turning a corner after a year's indecision.

Undeniably the fortuitous outcome is persuasive to an Olympic degree.  There is yet an even greater advantage; and that - in its widest analogy - is the privilege to see the fruition of development. Traditionally nothing surpasses my delight to see things happen.  This isn't to say that unfortunate circumstances are completely tolerable or even desirable; but frankly there can be a portion of appeasement arising from determination of almost any scope. Within the present context I acknowledge the reward of the current status. To be blunt, not everyone is either so inclined or as lucky. Surely there is a line beyond which one must accept what happens.

The little things continue to materialize in perpetuity. There is simply no escaping the grit and dust of living. It is nonetheless easier to handle when comforted by the comparative success of accomplishment. May it be that the temperance of our troubles allows one to sleep more soundly; or remove the agony of lower back pain? The theory of psychological repair is not entirely obscure. Our thoughts can now usefully turn to an absorption of what lies on the eastern shores of Canada and along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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