Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Coping with the Mist

Murkiness is an impassioned obscurity. As we rode on our bicycles across the bridge early this morning we were absorbed in a fog. Little could be seen in any direction. Yet there was a perfervid appeal in the mist and the swirling waters below. The lingering questions from my midnight dreams haunted me. Is life really difficult to understand?

Try as I might to cement my perceptions, to manage my thoughts, to unfold the secret, uncertainty persisted.  Like droplets of water suspended in the atmosphere the impenetrable unknown created a haze. We rose from the bridge onto higher land. The view began to clear. Yet I yearned to maintain the inconspicuousness. There is certainty in the unresolved.


Katarina the proprietor of the café was unexpectedly voluble about Argentina whence she had lately returned following her annual winter sojourn. She precipitously interrupted her business of preparing our coffees and take-outs to afford something approaching a travel agent's account.  Her residence in Argentina is in the centre of the country. She had the courtesy to concede our preference for coastal resorts. She ended by recommending Uruguay instead - with the discreet caution that many of the resorts there cater to the yachting crowd.


There was no line up at the car wash.  It was drizzling.  I had seen accumulations of dust on the car's rear bumper, as though we had been driving along a sandy cottage road in the rain. Strangely it had been predominantly four-lane highways. It is the best automatic car wash in the area. When completed I conducted my usual post-wash inspection, another of my obsessions. The ride home was intentionally tranquil. So many places in the world to contemplate, to consider, to compare.


The upcoming medical appointments approach incrementally. In a religiously suspicious way I opted to endure the scheduled outcome. There are besides only weeks before the critical meeting with the laparoscopic surgeon. Patience has never been my strong point. Like the mist, sometimes you just have to wait as it rises.

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