Friday, May 10, 2019

Restless Night

Coffee may or may not have been the problem.  I seldom sleep well at night. An afternoon nap generally affords a deeper and more contented rest. Last night I succumbed to bed shortly after eight o'clock. At midnight I was awake. I lay awake for hours, haunted by the inevitable midnight mischief. Somewhere after five o'clock this morning I relented at last. But not for long.

At 7:00 am I awoke to the sound of an email on my iPhone. It was Bank of Montreal as usual, alerting me of yet another payment to Bell Canada. For whatever reason I was instantly set upon going to the local beanery for breakfast - two eggs over-easy, two orders of bacon, two orders of sausage, tomato slices, grilled chesse-and-bacon on brown. First I must clean a sterling silver bracelet and ring in Silvo. It had rained heavily throughout the night and it continued into daylight. It was an ideal day for silver. I wore a dark blue corded cotton sweater to hide the bling.

There was a larger crowd than anticipated at the diner. We sat near the front entrance at a table for four. The waitress was clearly not feeling her best. When she arrived to take our orders, coughing, it was for her a strictly mechanical performance. There was only one chap sitting adjacent whom I knew slightly. Otherwise I confined my gaze directly in front or to the side, out the front door into the  grey parking lot.  The ceremony of eating was perfunctory. I was disappointed not to have enjoyed the meal with more zeal. Outside the rain poured.

After breakfast we drove to Kanata through the rain to do some shopping for items which we knew are not available locally.  We rode almost speechless up and down the ribbon of shiny, black highway between the somber surrounding fields. Afterwards on our way home the drive was more compelling. I had apparently by then recovered from the inertia of the earlier morning and was again poised to appreciate the detail of life. Yet when we landed in the apartment I instantly prolonged myself in the large green leather chair and ottoman and dozed.

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